xTc Potentially on Top After Tonight’s eN Clash

One of the teams currently sitting pretty in the Dota 2 Telkom DGL Masters is xTc Gaming, who after a lacklustre 2016 year has been putting a firm stomp onto the start of 2017.

This is partly thanks to their rather energetic run through the current Masters roster, being one of three teams to currently sit at 5 – 0 – 1, albeit with the highest win percentage of the three, which currently puts them in a comfy second place.

We happen to know thanks to a recent interview with captain  Dennis “_DotA-and-Die_” Connellan that the team is doing great as well, and is full of confidence for the new year. He said at the time, “xTc is doing great. We very recently underwent a difficult decision with big plans for our future. Although we’re unable to release the facts as of yet, we’re confident about all of our upcoming games.”

Now knowing that that upcoming change was none other than the arrival of Adam “Adastam” Moore to xTc it seems xTc are more determined than ever to be on top, and currently have the line-up to do so.

Energy eSports has been somewhat of a different story, as the team struggles to make ends meet, and is currently fighting to get some wins in the bag just to stave themselves off from potentially being in the Wildcard qualifier, a position no Master’s team really wants to be in.

The last time we spoke to Darron “Chelsea” Reinhardt, captain of Energy eSports, the team was looking to improve, and putting in the hours to do so.

“We have obviously been doing very poorly, everyone on the team knows that,” stated Reinhardt at the time.  “We are probably practicing 5-6 days a week – so hopefully the people that are not playing in their primary roles they played in the past will feel more comfortable.”

Hopefully this practice will pay off for the Energy eSports side as they take on a difficult opponent tonight in what I suspect may be a tightly contested series, but as with most things in life, anything can happen on the day.

Local casters will be on hand to bring you the action live, so make sure not to miss out on some Dota 2 DGL Masters action later today.

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