xTc.Legion Lower Their Weapons

It is a sad day for the Battlefield community at large, as xTc.Legion have lowered their weapons for the final time and announced the team’s retirement from the BF4 DGL.

xTc’s Legacy in the Battlefield 4 DGL is an extensive one, expanding back into the days of 8v8 conquest, where they were better known as xTc.Black Legion. After the change of mode to Domination however, the team decided to split and form two separate sides, xTc.Black and xTc.Legion.

After some time the two eventually melded into xTc.Legion, which became the last remaining xTc Gaming team to be taking part in the BF4 DGL, and one of the sides to beat, as they were regularly featured at the top of the logs and aged old rivals to Pulse.Evolve.

Now it appears as if the legacy has finally come to an end, as announced by a rather emotional Stephen “Lang-Slang” de Witt on the Battlefield Facebook page:

“It is with a sad heart that I have to announce this, but xTc Gaming will be retiring from Battlefield 4. A huge thank you to all our supporters, and also to my players, for all the time and dedication for many, many, many years. Thanks for all the good memories and good luck to everyone remaining in the scene. Can tell you now, any team would be lucky to have any of these amazing players. Best of luck to each and every one of the old legion members, I only have love for you guys.”

xTc.Legion at the BF4 DGC 2016.

xTc Gaming followed De Witt’s announcement with an official press release of their own on its official Facebook Page:

“xTc-Battlefield calls it quits

It has been a rough start to a rough year, where after a disappointing DGC, finding the energy to play the same game for a 3rd consecutive year proved harder in practice than in theory. This year round the effort and frustrations has really taken its toll.

With plenty of factors playing its own roles within the decision making, Stephen “Lang-Slang” de Witt decided that it is better for the team, the players, and for xTc’s battlefield side as a whole to retire from Battlefield for the remainder of the year. With a mixture of losing too many players to other titles, and not many other top players to choose from, the thought of rebuilding a new team from scratch yet again, is just too much energy to put into a game where Stephen has spent years and years doing this already. The thought of starting over, yet again, after doing this for 8 years, is just unthinkable.

With xTc retiring from Battlefield in 2017, they are keeping their options open for any new Battlefield competitive titles in the future, hoping that Battlefield 1 maybe brings out a good competitive mode. But as for Battlefield 4, we are done for now.

It is a really emotional decision to make, for most who know Stephen, will know that he has been one of the pillars in the community, with running countless events, coaching numerous teams, and leading one of the top teams himself. But as all things, this takes its toll, and time seems to be something not as readily available anymore.

As for xTc, the MGO will now be focussing more on their 2 Masters teams, who are performing brilliantly! Yes we used to know xTc for the highly ranked battlefield, but what an amazing start of the year for our CSGO and Dota teams! With the Battlefield side retiring, we can now focus all our energy on Dota, CS, Overwatch and Fifa as our main titles.

Stephen: “I have had so many good memories with these players and see them as an extended family, I wish them nothing but the best of luck, and hope to see them again in the near future”

As far as Stephens immediate plans go, he will be focussing his energy on running the upcoming Ballistix Masters event, as far as battlefield goes for him in a personal capacity, he is wanting to retire.

Thank you to all our loyal Battlefield Supporters and fans, all good things come to an end and we appreciate all of you.”

From us here at Telkom Gaming this is a sore loss to the Battlefield Community, and hopefully the Legion players will be able to find new homes somewhere in the BF4 DGL. Totsiens en voorspoed, xTc.Legion.

  • Johan Willemse

    Very sad day 🙁 , best of luck to all of the xTc battlefield players in finding a new home. Thank you for everything you have done for the BF scene and for the xTc MGO Stephen.

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  • Tyron Bataille

    GJ Stephen, all the best there buddy, welcome to the the wired world of free Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights….