xTc Continue to Surprise

We are now at the halfway point of Leg One in the Dota 2 DGL Masters, and the bracket is beginning to take shape as we begin to roll towards the finish line.

Although many of the favoured teams are already sitting in the upper half of the bracket, there is one particular team who came in as a surprise after a rather disappointing 2016 DGL Masters year – xTc Gaming.

The side with its refreshed roster has gone from strength to strength so far this Leg, knocking down teams that most would not have predicted, and even managing some extremely exciting series such as the series against xD.Dota 2, which ended with them losing out 2 – 1 in a close encounter.

Image courtesy of Dota Express.

Chatting to captain of xTc, Dennis “_DotA-and-Die_” Connellan, it seems the team, despite its troubles, are seemingly upbeat and feeling good for the rest of the Leg:

“Well firstly xTc is doing great. We very recently underwent a difficult decision with big plans for our future. Although we’re unable to release the facts as of yet, we’re confident about all of our upcoming games, and not just Sunday’s against Damage Control.

We’re eyeing WRG and doing homework as much as we’re able to. The rest of our matches up until them we’re looking at as just solid practise considering our rough schedules.”

Thanks to the magnificent stats of fellow Dota journalist Chris “Sargon” House we also happen to know that xTc happen to boast some of the most impressive stats so far in the DGL Masters, with Connellan picking up the most kills so far and fellow teammate Teddy “bluecat” Wang currently holding the lead for most assists.

“It was pretty exciting to see the stats – very unexpected!” said Connellan. ” I’m proud of myself for achieving it of course and also proud of Teddy for grabbing most assists, but it was undoubtedly and wholly a team effort in the end, and all of the praise goes towards to my teammates at xTc for the hard work they put in every game.”

As mentioned xTc’s next encounter is with Damage Control, with local casters on hand to bring you the action live, so make sure to follow Telkom Gaming on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest streaming announcements.

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