Xbox Avatars are Getting a Wheelchair Option

Microsoft has revealed that players will soon be able to give their Xbox Avatar a wheelchair.

Xbox One (X1)

The confirmation came via Twitter from both Xbox chief Phil Spencer and platform boss Mike Ybarra, who confirmed that they had heard the real life requests of wheelchair users who want to better reflect themselves digitally.

They even gave a sneak peak:

It is interesting to note the difference with the new avatars, as they have seemingly gone through a graphics change, with the design of the face in particular being vastly superior than it currently is. The Avatar graphics change has yet to be officially announced however if these models are anything to go on there are big improvements on the way.

Avatars have been around since the Xbox 360, and although many find them pointless, there are tons of users out there that enjoy creating them, so much so that it features on the Windows 10 Xbox App as well.

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