Word on the Street is Nintendo is Launching a Mini-SNES This Year

Nintendo had, not surprisingly, a huge hit on their hands last year when they launched the mini-NES console, as people flocked to have their bodies washed over by nostalgia as they got to play their childhood classics once more.

Despite the consoles obvious problems (like a famously short controller wire) it sold out almost immediately, and sadly for many disgruntled fans, the mini-NES did not get continued, meaning that if you don’t already have one, the chances aren’t very likely you’ll get one in future.

However, according to sources as Eurogamer, this is because Nintendo plan on following up the Mini-NES with an SNES mini, or Super Nintendo Entertainment System if you want it’s full name, and the new mini console is currently penned for a launch time around Christmas of this year.

This is pretty exciting news but, since Nintendo has stated that it never really intends for these mini-consoles to be a permanent fixture, it is safe to say that perhaps this year people may want to get ready to buy the thing sooner rather than later, otherwise I suspect it will once again disappear moments after it appears for the first time.

Hopefully Nintendo learn from their past mistake and actually make enough consoles this time, although given their past record, that probably won’t be the case. We, however, remain hopeful.

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