Will the PLT.Toliboys Find Better Competition in LoL Premier Division?

After an extremely successful run in the DGL League of Legends First Division, Pulse Gaming’s PLT.ToliBoys are set for their showing in the Premier Division alongside fellow First Division teams -WAL-Legion of Shadows, BzK-Opulens Potens and dvn Coming Soon.


With only a single loss to their name, but a higher win percentage than first place ties -WAL-Legion of Shadows, the PLT.Toliboys will be looking to continue their winning streak as they head into leg two, though they will have some tough competition ahead.

Telkom Gaming caught up with PLT.Toliboys captain Daniel “Athiax” Cogzell ahead of the start of the next leg for his thoughts on breaking into the top tier of competition:

Telkom Gaming (TG): First off, congratulations on a stellar performance in First Division in Leg 1, having lost only a single match this past leg. What was your toughest match-up of the leg and why?

Daniel “Athiax” Cogzell: First off, thank you for the congratulations.

The toughest match for us was vs dvn Coming Soon as it was the only match we lost although, I believe, if we had been more decisive with team comps and objective calls, we could have won.

TG: What are your thoughts on the current LoL meta and has it worked to your team’s advantage?

Athiax: I personally like the LoL meta, however, most of my team doesn’t. It works to my advantage because I play a lot of tanks however our jungler and ADC (poor adc of 2k17) which are technically our highest ranked players, don’t like the current meta.

TG: What do you feel has been your team’s main reason for success and how will you build on this for upcoming matches?

Athiax: To be very honest our reason for success has more been due to other teams dropping the ball. The level of competition was much lower this leg due to the new year and teams splitting up etc. That being said I know of some up and coming big teams like RyL (Royal) who are going to make Premier Division a lot wider spread of good teams rather than the typical two to three teams dominating the division.

TG: With the Emerald Showdown recently having shown off the capabilities of the current Premier Division teams, what are your thoughts on how you will prepare your team for competition in Leg two?

Athiax: In leg two, I am worried for my team. We are going to try and hold our position in Premier Division rather than go to win the division. If we somehow managed to find the time to practice twice a week or more then I know that we have the potential to be a top-three team but realistically I don’t think we will manage to get the practice in.

TG: What match-up are you most looking forward to in leg two and why?

Athiax: We are most excited to play against last year’s winners of the DGC [GS GooN Squad] just because it is nice to see how we match up vs the best team in South Africa.

Stay tuned to Telkom Gaming to see if the PLT.ToliBoys can overcome their issues and excel against their competitors in Leg Two of the DGL League of Legends Premier Division.

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