Who’s Who in the Zoo – Welcome to Leg 2 of the Dota 2 Masters

Leg Two of the Dota 2 DGL Masters technically kicked off on Monday, but with the action starting as of tomorrow evening, it’s high time we take a look at exactly what went down during the rather tumultuous transfer period.

Some teams had more time than others, as Veneration E-Sports, Damage Control and Ventus Gaming all had to get their teams ready in time for the Community Shield cup last week, with only Veneration managing to stay alive in the competition, and is currently awaiting the winner of the lower bracket in the grand final.

With these questions already in the air, let’s take a look at who’s playing for who in the Leg Two of the Dota 2 DGL Masters:

Aperture Gaming


Thoughts: After having to play with Hurley for half of the previous Leg, Aperture will no doubt be happy to be back at full strength. Phalanx has once again returned from the Academy side to take his place in the Masters team, and brings back the infamous Bob Euls/Phalanx support combination that did so well in the past.

The biggest question mark for me is the addition of PSL to the team who, in my eyes, does not seem a natural fit. Having been a bit of a “team hopper” and having presented a questionable attitude at times, stepping into a fairly stable side like ApG may prove quite the gap, so it will be interesting to see how he adapts.

Damage Control


Thoughts: Damage Control’s latest roster may be the one with the most potential in recent history, after having a rather disappointing Leg One run. However, with a bit of practice, both in drafting in an play, this team could have what it takes to cause some upsets if the winds are with them.

Energy eSports


Thoughts: Energy eSports has, once again, a pretty mean roster on paper but. as with Leg One, it is whether that roster performs to its potential or not that will ultimately see this team succeed or fail.

The addition of Mark Lehle into the side, who previously played for ApG in Leg One and proved to be a formidable support player, may be the energy they need (pun intended) to get back on the right track, so this will definitely be a team to keep an eye on.

Pulse Gaming


Thoughts: I’m actually glad that this team managed to stay together during the transfer window, as it was going from strength to strength in the previous Leg, and will hopefully continue to do so. With just a bit more tightening of their game they could easily have a good shot at a podium finish, so let’s hope they keep performing.

Veneration E-Sports


Thoughts: aka “wazoo and friends”, this side is packed full of South African pub stars, and some previous Flipsid3 players, and has already shown some force in the Community Shield, having made it all the way through to the grand final. Hopefully the new roster will fare better than the last, which seemed to have some serious commitment issues throughout the Leg.

Ventus Gaming


Thoughts: Ventus Gaming was a hot mess in Leg One, and it showed, managing not one win during the course of the entire Leg. However, with a semi-stable roster now in place, the team can at least begin working towards that first win, as they definitely have the potential to do it, but are still quite a new side in terms of playing together.

White Rabbit Gaming


Thoughts: Not much needs to be said here: White Rabbit Gaming continued to dominate in Leg One, and are currently the team to beat here in the DGL Masters. No roster changes to speak of.

eXDee Gaming


Thoughts: With the former eXDee Gaming roster having departed to Bravado Gaming, the new eXDee Roster, formerly Constant Gaming from the Premier Division, has a chance to show how they fair against the big dogs.

This team has exceptionally big shoes to fill and, although they not live up to their former counterparts quite yet, there is still plenty to watch out for here, as all the players have shown off their individual talent and teamwork so far in the DGL this year, which made Constant Gaming a pretty easy option for eXDee’s replacement once the announcement was made.

xTc Gaming


Thoughts: After a surprisingly good run in Leg One of the Dota 2 Masters, xTc Gaming now comes back even stronger than before thanks to the addition of Adastam to their roster. Having achieved a second place finish for the Leg, if there was one team that may be able to take down White Rabbit Gaming at the moment, this may be it.

As it stands, xTc Gaming is going to be a tough nut to crack this Leg, and it will be interesting to see how they adapt with their newly boosted roster.

So, with all that out of the way, who do you think will be doing well in Leg Two of the Dota 2 DGL Masters? Will WRG remain dominant, or will we see a new king on top of the podium by the end of the Leg? Let us know in the comments below!