Who Will Be The Next King Of the CS:GO Masters?

We have our ten MGO’s and the stage is set for the 2017 DGL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Masters Division but with CS:GO stalwarts (and the 2016 champions) Bravado Gaming bowing out of the league, and set to compete only in the Wildcard events, what does the season hold for the rest of the log?

With Bravado Gaming out this means that the first place spot has opened up and, with even more teams competing than ever before, the season is sure to hold some exciting CS:GO action as new and old Masters MGO’s alike vie for their place atop the leaderboard. With a tonne of roster changes amongst the teams, and some new, upcoming talents being thrown in, the entertainment starts now for CS:GO fans in South Africa.

The Ten Masters Teams:

I would love to point out which teams should be making the top three but, with all the roster changes and shuffles that happened, only time (and results) will help us determine who will take the next crown. However, since I have a craze for predictions let’s dive into a few hypotheticals:

My top three picks for this leg:

Trying to choose three teams out of such a talented pool of teams was pretty hard, as the talent this season is split between multiple different teams, but going on past results and history, eN should be able to secure themselves in a top three spot. They should be followed by DC who, I believe, still think have some fight (not to mention a tonne of experience) left in them. Lastly, joining my top three would be Flipsid3 who has a nice mix of talent and experience (although their position will depend heavily on how well their new players can handle the pressure).

Moving onto the top three underdogs, I feel the need to point out that all of these teams have what it takes to place in the top three. If they can focus on their strategies, and team synergy, they should reach new heights in the local scene.

My top three underdog runner ups:

Again, the decision was hard to make but eXdee feature a brilliant and talented roster. ApG should, arguably, be in the top three but, in my own eyes, will have some issues sorting out their playstyle. Once they work this out, however, they should be able to rival the best. The last pick might cause some players to question if I am still asleep however Pulse is a team I have been watching for months and their focus on consistency and map picks should see them go far.

The rest of the teams:

I feel the need to point out that these four teams could end up in the bottom four spots if they are not careful in their games. They still feature some strong talents from last years DGC and Online legs but they have to prove to me that they have what it takes before I adjust my picks.

Which team do you think has what it takes to fill Bravado’s shoes in the CS:GO Masters?

Upcoming Matchups

26 Jan – VnR vs WRG

29 Jan – ApG vs eXdee

29 Jan – DC vs PuLse

29 Jan – xTc vs Flipsid3

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  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Gonna be interesting but what I think is on everyone’s minds at the moment is how much the prize pool is going to be for the Masters 😛

    • THAT announcement is coming soon.

      • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd