Who is Forging the Slipstream and Who is just Chugging Along

This week in the 2017 DGL CS:GO Masters, we saw some pretty expected results,  as teams finally settled into the groove of the regular season, with some squads finally managing to get themselves onto the scoreboard and others still struggling to secure a win.

Although we already covered the ApG vs Flipsid3 tactics results in our last piece, we will cover it again as it falls into Round 2.

Aperture Gaming vs. Flipsid3 Tactics – a strong showing by ApG saw them take a 2-1 victory over the F3 squad, despite being knocked down a map in the second of the series, (having gone 16-12 on Mirage, 11-16 on Overpass and 22-18 on Cache). Can ApG hold their form as we head forward or will VnR be able to end their losing streak and be the ultimate underdog side and secure their first win of the new season in round 3?

Xperts at Total Chaos vs. Veneration E-Sports – Showing off their newly-renovated squad is up to the task of the Masters league,  xTc put another notch in their 2017 belt with a convincing victory against VnR in a 2-1 showdown that saw the side stumble on Cobblestone (going 14-16) but saw two magnificent showings on Nuke and Overpass to ultimately end the series in their favour, going  16-5 and 16-3 respectively.

Energy eSports vs. eXdeee Gaming – The eXdee crew have yet to shake their underdog tag, having had quite a turbulent start to their Masters career including their second loss of the season to CS:GO veterans eN who are positioned to land a top spot (going on past achievements of the lineup). eN won a clean 2-0 victory against xD (16-4 on Mirage and 16-7 on Train) to secure their place at the top the current leaderboard.

Damage Control vs. White Rabbit Gaming – The Virtus.Pro of South Africa lands themselves another victory with DC continuing their winning streak and securing a hard-won 2-1 victory against WRG. (going 16-9 on Overpass, 16-14 on Cache and 16-11 on Cobblestone) to secure themselves a place in the upper reaches of the leaderboard. Can DC continue their winning streak or will an also as-of-yet-undefeated xTc be able to stem the tide?

Ventus Gaming vs. Pulse Gaming – This clash of two underdogs saw Ventus gather their first win of the season as executed a speedy victory over other newcomer Pulse Gaming. Ventus entered the leaderboard in style with their swift 2-0 win (16-11 on Mirage and 16-5 on Cache) landing the side in the middle of the log.

The third wave of matches (round 3) will take place this week as we slowly move toward a more accurate results log for the teams. Flipsid3, VnR, Pulse and eXdee should be looking to land a win in the coming week otherwise they will continue to fall further behind.

A game to keep an eye on would definitely be Flipsid3 vs eXdee as only one of these teams can walk away with their first victory of the leg and,  in terms of skill, these teams are pretty well-matched so their clash should be a momentous one.

The second game to keep an eye out for is DC vs xTc with the long-time rivals always looking for more opportunities to meet on the battlefield and settle an old score. Could an upset be in the works, or will DC’s new form carry them into another victory??

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