WhatsApp Has Sneakily Rolled out Video Calls

Data can be quite expensive here in South Africa and, as a result, most who can make use of the WhatsApp platform as it is a cheap messaging service that provides a host of features.


The company has officially added one more feature to that list, and a quite important one , in that it has begun rolling out a video call voice feature to some of its users already.

This puts the app even more in line with some other popular communication apps such as Facebook Messenger and Skype and, in my opinion, is another huge step forward for WhatsApp’s plans of domination.

The update was spotted by Android Police and, for the mean time, seems to be updating to random users and has not hit the mass market as of yet. Updating the app doesn’t necessarily manifest the new function but some beta users have reported that their video call is already working.

Unfortunately, in order to get the video call working, both people using the WhatsApp video call service will need to have access to it first otherwise the call will simply appear as a normal voice call.

If you do both happen to have the correct version, an option will pop up when receiving the call asking if you want to answer the call with video or just voice.


Should you want to try out the video-calling feature, and don’t have the patience to wait for the update to hit your phone, you can get the 2.16.218 beta from APK Mirror.

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