Ventus Red Secures Emerald Showdown Victory

Last night saw DGL Emerald Showdown finalists Ventus Red clash against Mythic Gaming in the ultimate showdown. To the winner goes the spoils: while both teams have now qualified for the Masters Wildcard Qualifier, first place in the Emerald Showdown would determine the first place seed, something both of these teams fought hard to achieve.

The Showdown saw a swift victory for the Ventus Red squad who showed just how much of a force they are, taking down the upcoming talent of Mythic in a short two-map victory.

Looking at the first map scoreboard, we can see a strong 16-6 scoreline which doesn’t truly reflect how the game played out. Looking at the consecutive rounds, the Ventus squad managed to secure an early, and quite substantial, lead over Mythic who were down 14-1 scoreline on their CT side, which is an immense achievement.

Moving on to the second half, Ventus secured the pistol round but were hit with an upset in the following round, giving the Mythic team some hope (although a 14-1 halftime is pretty much good game). The mythic team slowly mounted an offensive comeback, taking five rounds before Ventus had had enough, shutting them down with a diffuse leading to a final, convincing score of 16-6.

Not all cylinders were firing for team Mythic as two players were only above double digits (Spam with 22 kills followed by dyvo with 16) while a well oiled Ventus squad was bonded in red, showing off a great team performance.

The second map was a similar showdown but was more back-and-forth than the initial map. We saw one form of tug-of-war emerge early game with multiple eco-upsets and force buys thrown into the mix. Mid-game came along to see an extremely equal 8-7 scoreline with Ventus holding the one round advantage.

Like most matches on Train the CT side, though, teams always have the potential to simply lock out their opponent, of which Ventus did a stunning job. After the even grounded half time, it was their turn to show them how the CT side is really handled.

Ventus managed to pick up the second pistol leading to eight consecutive rounds and the map victory. The hard hitter for Ventus, tkZ^, landed 27 kills 3 assists and 10 deaths (also 7 MVP stars) above his teammate Tayl0r who was second with 18-4-11.

With this victory under their belts, Ventus Red is set to receive that all important first place seed in the upcoming Masters Wildcard Qualifier. With both teams performing at their best it was an extremely fun turn of events to see these two teams make it through each of their games to get to this point, slashing through other talent in the scene for their chance at meeting one another in the finals.

Ventus Red and Mythic Gaming will join the top two teams from the Sapphire Showdown (set to take place later this month) with all four teams looking at building their own path to the Masters Cup by securing victory at the upcoming Wildcard Qualifier.

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