Ventus Gaming Reveal Upcoming Changes to CS:GO Masters Roster

Newcomers to the DGL Masters, Ventus Gaming, today revealed an all new Masters CS:GO roster. The new team is set to take over from their current roster following the next Masters Transfer Window (taking place from 27 March – 9 April).

CEO of Ventus Gaming, Pieter “Cyrus” Venter shared a few words on the changes to the team:

Courtney “hypeR” Ferguson and Marc “h[a]tch” Preez have been real pioneers in the creation of this long-standing team. They have been the duo that kept this team going for over a year now and taken the team to 2nd place at DGC 2016. They have brought in a tonne of experience and formed the synergy and gameplay of the team, but recently they have been having issues with time commitment due to work and family. This was not fair to the younger teammates who have been playing their hearts out to get to the top of South African CSGO, but could not practice as much together as they would have liked to. This has reflected in the results lately with the team sitting at a 1-6-7 (W-L-P) score line in the DGL Masters and I am sure you have heard the cry out from the community regarding Cahil “Schizzy” Henry-Leyte being in a team below his skill level, holding him back. The same argument holds for his other two teammates, Shaun “TheMan” Deyzel and Michael “Crucial” Bishop

That being said, the team had a discussion and it was agreed that there are some changes required. I take nothing from Marc and Courtney; they have exceptional skills and experience and have proven again and again that they can hold their own, but their commitments recently simply did not allow for team practice, which has deteriorated the overall team performance, not just their own. At first, there were talks about getting reserves in, but it is immensely difficult to find players who are willing to sign for the season (with DGL’s strict roster locks) without being guaranteed match time. That being said, the hard call had to be made to find permanent replacements for the longstanding duo.

We trialled a few different players out, but it was decided to focus on the young blood of Calvin “Enigma_X” Pedersen  and Chris “Crick” Davieswho have shown again and again that they can improve quickly and have a promising CSGO career ahead of them.

We have high hopes for this young team (ranging from the age of 16 to 21). We do not expect to compete with the top teams right from the start, but are rather focusing on the long run and building the team up over the years. Expect to see some upsets on LAN though.”

The new roster is as follows:

Should the current roster be unable to secure themselves some last minute wins in leg one of the Masters, the new squad will face their first real competition at the upcoming Community Shield Masters Wildcard Qualifier where they will battle it out against the top four teams from the Emerald and Sapphire Showdowns respectively for their chance at participating in the Masters Cup (taking place this June).

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