Veneration’s Refreshed Roster Starts Strong

Last night saw the debut of Veneration Esport’s refreshed roster into the 2017 Telkom DGL Masters, and the team managed to kick off with a bang thanks to a fairly convincing 2-1 victory over Energy Esports.

The community has been wondering whether or not the Veneration Esports roster, under the captain of former bravado player Adbur-rahim “Habibi” Kamdar, would be worth its salt as, although the team on paper had lots of top tier experience, the commitment from some of their players has been questionable in the past, so the potential to go badly was there as well.

Luckily, last night Veneration were more than happy to put all those questions to bed as they came out with an almighty roar against the Energy Esports (formerly Carbon) Dota 2 side.

Game one saw what looked to be a favourable draft from Energy eSports, with plenty of tank, damage and disable to give themselves a well rounded line-up. It was the support duo of Veneration however, particularly Christopher “anthem” Lake’s Earth Spirit, that controlled the pace of the game, managing to shut down the initial pushing and get themselves further and further ahead of the eN.Dota squad.

Things soon turned ugly, and despite their best efforts, Game One was lost.

Game Two saw Energy pick up the Lone Druid, one of the strongest heroes in the current meta (as seen in recent professional tournaments), and showed off exactly why the hero was being first picked or banned in a lot of cases.

The ranged damage, and lack of being able to get to the Lone Druid, saw him picking up repeated kills which allowed him and Darryl “Chelsea” Reinhardt, on the Invoker, to get far ahead of their opponents, which made for some exciting late game plays.

Despite their best efforts, Veneration’s slightly arbitrary line-up just could not deal with the punching power of Energy eSports, who took the series to a 1-1 draw.

The third game saw some good drafting come out of the Veneration side, picking themselves the Luna this time (which played a part in Energy’s victory in the previous game) and getting good strong ganking heroes in the form of the Pudge, Sand King and Templar Assassin, and rounding it off with a nice team-fight initiation in the form of the Warlock. Energy seemed a bit stumped in parts of the draft, although the thinking behind their eventual picks does make some sense.

The ganking potential from Veneration proved to be too much as the game progressed, with the team always ready to help each other out, which is one of the reasons Energy’s Legion Commander ended the game at 0 – 10 – 6, despite getting some duel victories off.

Much like game two, except in reverse, it just felt like Energy eSports didn’t quite have the right line-up to take on the might of Veneration, and anthem’s pudge once again played a critical role, picking off and getting key heroes repeatedly out of position to give Veneration the upper hand. Himself and Liam “PSL” Berrell on the Templar Assassin also happened to have perfect games, finishing 4 – 0 – 12 and 9 – 0 – 12 respectively.

Personally, my take-away from Veneration’s opening match is a good one, and puts an interesting new twist in the Dota 2 year. This team, despite their shortcomings, is clearly serious about doing well this year, and has the talent and potential to back it up. Not only that but the clear signs of on-going communication and coordination from the team also points to  a well-working team structure, which is also good for the longevity of a side and improvement as players.

All-in-all, I would be scared if I had to take on the Veneration side at the moment, as the team looked extremely good against what many would consider one of the “better” teams in the DGL Masters, which already puts them close to a potential podium finish.

If you missed out on last night’s series, fear not, as Jonathan “JubbaGaming” Simon joined forces with Christian “Puza” Muller to bring you the action live. You can watch the vod below:

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