Veneration: “We won’t settle for the minimum”

The DGL Dota 2 Community Shield Masters Wildcard Qualifier recently came to a close, and saw Master’s side Veneration E-Sports managing to take the entire competition from Mythic Gaming in the grand final.

Thing’s definitely got off to a bumpy start however, as the Veneration roster was blank the day the tournament started. Some quick thinking from the MGO soon saw some of the remnants of Flipsid3 Tactics join Veneration to bolster the squad.

From there it was pretty much a solid “b-line” straight through the shield as the new roster, under the captain of Charl “Muzzy” Steyn, has proven to be a formidable side, and this seems to be only the start of their journey to success.

Telkom Gaming caught up with Steyn to talk about the team, its inception, the Community Shield and, of course, the recently started Leg Two of the DGL Masters, which the new roster will be tackling for the next two months.

Telkom Gaming (TG): The New VnR Squad formed just before the start of the Community Shield, with you coming from Flipsid3 to fill in the roll as captain. How did the team’s inception come about?

Charl “Muzzy” Steyn: Our Dota squad has been playing together for a fair amount of time and we seem to get along pretty well. Because Flipside left masters, we still really wanted to play in the Masters, so when the offer from Veneration E-Sports came along it was a no-brainer.

At the time our Fifth player (Stickalish) was in France, so we had to get someone that would fit well with the team, which we did in the form of Wazoo. It’s been pretty good so far, taking a couple of games of the biggest sides in the country, now to close a series is our biggest focus.

(TG): Having filled in the shoes, you had a tough road ahead of you, essentially fighting for your right to play at the Masters Cup later this year. What was the team’s mentality heading into the cup?

Steyn: Our mentality heading into this cup was simple – win. Ultimately, every team in South Africa wants to be the best team in the country and that’s our goal for the future. We will work hard and we will do our best to make this happen. Having CottA & Wazoo in our side really brings a lot to the table for us because there are three of us that have never played in the biggest leagues until this year so, once we get use to it, I think we will show some flames.

Charl “Muzzy” Steyn

(TG): The squad seemed to gel quickly, as you cruised your way through the upper bracket and into the final. Was it a relief to have managed to get yourself to the Masters event?

Steyn: Even-though we already qualified when we won the upper bracket finals, it wasn’t good enough for us; we wanted to win the Community Shield cup. To answer the question, it was only a relief when we won the Finals of the Community Shield, because in the end we won’t settle for the minimum.

(TG): Your fellow finalists were none other than Mythic Gaming, a team that had almost given you some trouble in the past, but you managed a clean sweep in the final. Is it safe to say you were ready for what they had to bring the second time around?

Steyn: I’ve been doing some research on Mythic gaming and we kind of knew what we had to do versus them and as soon as we did it, the games were over. However, Mythic is a strong squad. I feel that if they did enough research on us, they would have had a good chance.

(TG):  Looking forward to the Leg Two, which has just kicked off, how is the new Veneration hoping to do in the Leg? Are we going to see you safe in the top 6 by the end?

Steyn : We are trying for top five in this leg and we will work harder and harder to achieve this goal we set for ourselves. We’ve also been getting amazing support from our coach (old.Bernie) who provides us with some good information about teams and our own game-play. We would like to say thanks to him, but you can be sure to see us in the top six.

(TG): Finally, as a new side, what are the team’s goals for the next couple of weeks? What advice would you give for new sides in a similar position?

Steyn: Our team is very different from most teams in the country; like we’re a bunch of friends from years ago. paNda737 and myself, we’ve been best friends for like five years, 1337 and CottA are cousins and I’ve played in a team with 1337 before, and we’ve all been friends since DotA 1. Wazoo & CottA on the other hand were friends, so we had to get used to Wazoo somewhere this year, which we did pretty fast!

In terms of our goals, we would like to perfect our drafting, team communication and, when we have a lead in the game, use the lead we have instead of letting the opposing side farm their way back. My advice to newer teams is this: don’t give up. Even if you lose 200 games in a row, that’s 200 games you can use to improve yourself.

Everyone in the Masters worked hard and started from the bottom to get there. If you don’t give up, you will make it but, also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. One of the biggest problems teams have is sticking together during tough times and, ultimately, that is what makes you stronger in the end. Lastly, don’t be scared of players match making ratings (MMR) on their profile. I see a lot of players think the games are already lost when they see a high MMR player on the enemy squad. Once you adopt that mindset, great things will come.

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