Valve Expands the Official Datacenter in South Africa.

South African Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players may finally have something to celebrate as Valve’s latest patch notes for their competitive FPS title includes something quite special, namely that they have “Expanded the official datacenter in South Africa.”

For any of those who have been following Steam Status, a website which tracks the general Steam status, server loads and downtime, You may have noticed that South Africa was always sitting around medium load while other services were idle or on low. It can also be seen that local servers almost always experienced high load once the afternoon kicked in so it is with great enthusiasm that we noted, in the most recent patch notes, that Valve has finally decided to upgrade the local infrastructure.

The constant high load on the South African servers could be the reason behind this upgrade and, with the massive promotion of competitive gaming (or esports) in recent times I have to say:  it’s about time. This upgrade could potentially solve some server performance issues, but I will leave that testing to the community.

(We have reached out to Valve to see if we can squeeze out some more information so be sure to stay tuned for more updates.)

Small CS:GO Patch Notes:

While the South African server expanse is good news for us, the general update only included some minor fixes and should get CS:GO working on windows XP.


  • Expanded the official datacenter in South Africa.
  • Fixed a regression where the game couldn’t start on Windows XP.
  • Added game state integration output for timeouts and match pause.
  • Added game state integration output for the bomb defuse countdown.
  • Server ban list filter is now enforced in early stages of client connection packet handling.

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  • Cait

    Well whatever they did, it broke CS:GO in South Africa now…

    • The services will be down while they provide the upgrades and changes.

      • Mental-Tree

        Adding capacity really shouldn’t impact on existing live servers. Unfortunate volvos server engineers are scrubs.

        • Copy pasta from my post on Facebook:

          “If you wish to upgrade a datacenter and make sure that the load is correctly and evenly updated, you will generally have to take it offline. it’s not so easy to just slot in more servers and have them work with the existing ones.”

  • Matthew Luke Wessels

    Is this affecting the Dota 2 SA server which has been down for a day?

    • Cait

      Apparently so

  • FragtioN

    If they can’t even cope with the load with 64 tick servers, when are we ever going to see 128-tick MM’s in South Africa?

    • Richard Groves

      Dems, I read an interesting discussion on Reddit the other day regarding this, and it basically boils down to the fact that it will cost Valve way too much to implement infrastructure for 128tick MM servers for the mostly “causal” players that won’t even really notice the difference between the tick ratios anyway, especially when things like ESEA are already in place for those players looking to be more “pro”.

      • Richard Groves

        So in other words, we’ll never be seeing 128tick MM servers as it actually doesn’t make sense for valve to implement it

      • FragtioN

        What they should do then is set a condition where if the average rank of a lobby is above MG then it should put those players on “limited” 128-tick servers. The percentage of players that form a higher than average rank is next to nothing. I’ll grant their argument that it costs too much to implement 128-tick across the board, but my counter-argument is that it makes even less sense to force everyone onto 64-tick. As it stands, their persistence to keep things 64-tick is basically an admission that their infrastructure stinks and that the only place to find “real” pro is via third parties.. which seems to essentially invalidate the whole point of Valve even having a definitive “go-to” ranking system. In which case a whole update dedicated to “expanded datacenter” presense in SA, is really hype about nothing and sounds pretty retarded in the grander scheme of things

  • Jeandré De Beer

    Well, seems like it happened again, 350+ latency.

  • Mig

    Good day has anybody been experiencing ping issues until you restart csgo? Its always after a matchmaking game or a hydra operation quest its been happening since this server expansion… I’ve googled the issue seems to come down to clusters, but there isn’t a fix for it just wanted too know if I’m the only one experiencing it? -__- going to log a ticket to valve.