Uncharted 4 Release Date Leaked?

A recent addition to the Walmart website in the USA has shown that Uncharted 4 is available for pre-order but also, perhaps mistakenly has put down a release date.

Uncharted 4

This may or may not be the official release date as given to vendors and it is unclear whether or not the game will be released at that time but it seems like a rather random date to put up alongside the pre-order expected delivery. If history is anything to go by though, there’s a good chance that local South Africans will receive the game the next day or the following week at the latest.

uncharted 4

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is an upcoming 2015 action-adventure third person set to release this year exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game was first announced and teased at the PS4 launch event on Spike TV in November 2013.


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  • DrGhettoblaster

    I’m thinking November is more in line with their previous Uncharted releases (1 & 3 were released in November), but 2 was released in October so who knows. I just hope it doesn’t get delayed till 2016.

    • GrIdL0cK

      Maybe they are playing odds in November and evens in October. So number 5 should be in November again. 😀

      • Guest

        Number 5??? They said this is the last Uncharted. Look it up

      • ButterrMann

        Number 5??? They said this is the last Uncharted. Look it up

      • GotNews4Ya

        Was going to say the exact same thing.. then seen you say it!

  • DarthDiggler

    Games generally release on Tuesday although TLOU did release on Friday I think.

  • MrSec84 .

    There was the previous Tesco and other retailer listings that put the game as coming late July, TBH though I doubt Naughty Dog knows exactly when they want to get the game out this year.
    Considering the very impressive state of it at PSX I wouldn’t be shocked if it was earlier rather than later.

    1st-2nd of October isn’t unlikely and I guess that would fit more in line with when past Uncharted games have released.

    This game is going to be amazing!

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  • Nestor Toy

    Naughty Dog is all about quality… I see the game being pushed back to 2016.

  • ButterrMann

    I want to know how you got Uncharted to pull up for $43.40…

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  • Richard Terry Clark

    I thought games came out on Tuesdays?…

  • MrMosley

    I want it now how about March,I don’t get to many 3rd person games so I’m dying for this one.

    • W0nderer

      Yes there is something about the intrigue of Nathan Drake