Twitter is Closing the Doors on Vine

Everybody on the Internet knows of Vine, mostly thanks to funny Vine compilations, but the platform itself is clearly not doing too well as its owner, Twitter, has decided to discontinue the service.


It’s been just three years since the short-form video service launched back in 2013 whichwas primarily used mostly to create hilarious, short videos that left you snorting with laughter.

Luckily, within the official statement, Twitter reassured users that the content that is already on the site will not disappear, so you will still be able to enjoy your favourite Vines from the past.

One of the biggest problems with the platform was monetisation, a problem that already exists for Twitter, as there is no way to great way to monetise the platform without being brash, which upsets users very quickly.

Services like Twitter and Instagram and Facebook also moving towards short-form and long-form video services on their platform also played a huge role in bringing about the demise of the app as they had many Vine big hitters like magician Zach King moving from Vine to other platforms (Instagram in his case).

Either way, Vine has entertained millions around the world, and it is always sad to see a place filled with mirth shutting its doors. Adieu Vine – it’s been real, but short.

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