Twitch.TV to Add Additional Subscriber Tiers

As we move further and further into the digital age Twitch.TV, the live streaming video platform, is adding ever more features in order to enable their broadcasters to be ever more self-sufficient and the platform itself more enticing for up-and-coming internet-based entertainers. Their latest endeavour looks to add even more subscription options to allow audiences to contribute even more to their favourite streamers.

According to a “leaked email” (courtesy of NeoGaf), channels will soon be able to offer their audiences two new subscription options at $9.99 and $24.99 respectively with the benefits being:

  • Gain emotes faster – includes a revamped subscriber requirement with 50 tiers instead of the previous 14. In addition, higher-priced subscriptions will carry more weight in climbing the ladder (ie. the $24.99 subscription is worth six subscriber counts, the $9.99 worth two)
  • Unlock permanent emote slots – once unlocked, emotes will be permanent instead of fluctuating with subscriber count
  • Extensive first-part support – includes a number of new features including one that let’s first time subscribers able to send a custom message. In addition, broadcasters will be able to offer exclusive emotes to users who have purchased higher-priced subscriptions and, finally, broadcasters will also have access to more data to power the tools and overlays they use to reward subscribers, including new subscriber roles in the Twitch App

These changes will be rolled out “soon” and, as is usual, broadcasters will need to “opt-in” in order to test the features for the “New Subscriptions Beta”.

As to the effect these changes will have, loyal users will now have even more ways to show their support for their favourite streamers, something that at the moment is limited to one subscription a month and the odd donation for little return on that investment (for the user). In turn, additional revenue coming in for streamers may well enable them to invest more time into their channels, resulting in better quality content (hopefully) as well as motivation for more new creators to get on board with the platform, also a good thing for audiences as more competition should also result in better quality content.

This news comes at a time where digital entertainers are seeing their own fair share of trouble with YouTube channels in particular taking a major hit in revenue thanks to a number of sponsors pulling their advertisements from the platform. According to a Bloomberg report, some of YouTube’s biggest advertising customers, including Verizon and AT&T, have halted spending on display and other non-search advertising on the platform following the news that a stream of UK companies pulled their ads from YouTube and Google’s display ad network. This was in response to a report from The Times that cited instances of UK government advertising running over extremist content.

Whether these issues will prompt entertainers to seek a new home, perhaps on Twitch.TV, is yet to be seen however, these changes to the subscription services may well play a role in enticing them to the platform if they are indeed revaluating the delivery method of their content.  

Who is your favourite streamer and would you spend that extra money on a monthly subscription to help support the channel (or get your hands on exclusive emotes)? Tell us in the comments section below.   

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