There is, in Fact, a Cow Level in WoW

World of WarCraft (WoW)fans have long hoped that the fabled Cow Level from the Diablo franchise would make its way into the popular MMORPG, and finally, their dream has come true.


Coming in as part of Diablo’s 20th anniversary event, that kicks off this week, the Cow Level was quickly figured out by the WoW community and posted onto the subreddit with users having discovered various portals that take you into a very familiar Cow Level, with the Cow King to boot (you have to kill him to complete the event).

There also seem to be Diablo Treasure Goblins that show up as chest icons on the wow mini-map, signifying where players where should go to get their new toys.

The secret Cow Level was originally introduced in Diablo 2, and involved combining some fairly random items in your Horadric Cube in order to create a portal. Since it was one of the best ways to farm loot for a long time, doing mass Cow Level runs quickly became the popular thing to do, and thus quickly became a staple to the franchise (although Diablo 3‘s Cow Level is much more colourful).

Here’s a sneak  peak at the Cow Level, courtesy of WoWhead:

There are a load of other Diablo Easter eggs to be found inside of the World of WarCraft, so make sure to log in and take a peak while the event is still going!