The Sapphire Showdown Prepped and Ready

The various Sapphire Showdown Cups are now available to peruse, allowing you to see who will be taking part in the various DGL League’s Showdown’s later this week where they will compete for their chance at playing in the upcoming Community Shield Events.

The Sapphire Showdown is the culmination of the Sapphire Proving Grounds Cups, Genesis and Do-or-Die, the latter coming to a close earlier this week. The top eight teams from each of these cups, which took place over the course of the past two weeks, will now get a chance to take part in the Sapphire Showdown.

This is the part where things start to get serious however, as the 16 teams entered have to get down to just two, as just the top two spots go through to the Community Shield.  You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you’re still confused.

The schedule continues to be a gruelling one, although it will all be over quite soon thanks to the harsh single-elimination bracket. The matches will be played as follows:

  • Round 1: Thursday 9 March @ 8pm
  • Round 2: Monday 13 March @ 8pm
  • Round 3: Tuesday 14 March @ 8pm
  • Round 4: Wednesday 15 March @ 8pm

Make sure to check out your league specific rules for all the relevant information you will need.

Since the showdown’s are invitation only these are not open to enter, but you can see who will be taking part in the Cups over the course of the week by heading to the various Showdown pages:

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