The Persistence Brings VR Horror to Space

The Persistence has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 VR, and looks like the “Dead Space in VR” game I’d hoped, as a person who gets scared easily, would never come into existence.

Set in the year 2521 on a deep space science vessel called The Persistence, it seems you are immediately plunged into somewhat of a mystery, as things are definitely wrong on the ship (sound familiar, fans of Dead Space?). Some incident has mutated many of your crew, with the goal of the game ultimately being to stay alive and escape.

Different from the Dead Space experience however, The Persistence, interestingly, is procedurally generated, meaning every time you die and make a new character the layout of the ship will change, which may certainly add to the replayability.

In Virtual Reality, you will be able to peak around corners and cover behind objects, which may prove integral to survival.

There is also some possibility of VR co-op too. Your friends can help by using their phone or tablet to hack the ship’s computer, where they will be able to control doors, distract enemies and disable traps, which sounds like an interesting and fun concept. There is the slight caveat in that the second player gets rewarded if you die, which may have your friend turning on you in your time of need.

No release date has been confirmed as of yet, but you can watch the trailer below:


  • Hunter Thorpe

    This game does not relate to Dead Space.

    There’s no dismemberment. I’m not nailing enemies to walls or blasting them out airlocks. Is oxygen a concern as I’m leaping about in zero g? Where’s my Peng!?!

    Crew turned necromorph is a pretty specific jump from “Things are definatly wrong on the ship.” To which, my mind jumps to something along the Catagory of Event Horizon. But, if you want a comparison, it’s probably going to be closer to Doom in Space…space…space….