The Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is heading towards 2017 bringing with it what could possibly be an unprecedented year for the game as it reaches new heights in the competitive scene. Since the league’s announcement in November, Blizzard has been firing on all cylinders to get their game onto the Esports map – culminating in the creation of the Overwatch League.


Overwatch League players begin their journey in the preseason where they are gathered into a global talent pool. Team owners sign the best players and build rosters ahead of a season which is composed of twelve weeks of intense season play. The Overwatch League will feature a number of exciting live events and tournaments during the course of the year, culminating in the Overwatch League World Championships.

However, few details have actually been announced since the announcement was first made, so we can really only throw some guess work with regards how the league will truly be structured. With the start of Season 3, we can expect the top 500 ladder system to be a fair system to nominate professional players for the league.

Competitive Mode is your gateway to a new world of Overwatch esports competition. Whether you want to compete on the global stage, or just want to learn tips from watching the experts, Overwatch Esports has something for players of all levels, expressed in two major competitions: the Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup.

So what does this mean for the local South African player?

Firstly, since there are no local servers, many would expect players to take a step back but that hasn’t stopped some growing local talent from breaking into the top 500 world rankings. With South Africa joining in the Overwatch World Cup it could be a sign that we are on the map.Only 2017 will tell what is in store for the South African team, and if we will get another shot at the Overwatch World Cup.

If local players stand their ground and continue to grind up the top 500 ladder we could potentially see them snatched up by a professional team to further fuel their Esports career. I am sure Blizzard will make some more announcements soon with regards to the matter.


Looking at the progress metre that has been provided by Overwatch, specifically the “Proven stars and leaderboard heroes will assemble in one global talent pool. Teams then manoeuvre to sign the best players and build sturdy rosters for the season ahead.” part, we can once again suggest that the top 500 leaderboard plays a gigantic role in the player pool.

The Overwatch League is only at its announcement stages, but that doesn’t mean players should wait it out with this being the first month of Season 3, the heat is only beginning.

We’re all pros now.

  • Max G

    This is a great idea of blizzard this will push our ranked overwatch community of even more. I wish overwatch could be nr.1 esport game