The Oculus Rift Just Got Significantly Cheaper

Virtual Reality, despite having launched last year, is still a very niche market, partly because of the extremely high cost-to-entry for someone looking to invest in a virtual reality headset.

In a bid to try and help that cost-to-entry point, Oculus has announced during Epic’s GDC 2017 keynote address that it will be dropping prices for both its headset and Touch controllers, cutting each by $100 (about R1300).

This is a fairly surprising announcement but a significant one, as it now puts the headset at just $598 dollars and the touch controllers at $99. If you want the two paired in a bundle, it will now cost you $600.

This puts the Oculus Rift as one of the better priced headsets around for those interested in Virtual Reality, as the HTC Vive will still set you back $800, which is the Oculus’s main contender at the moment.

The new prices are already in effect, so if you were thinking about investing in Virtual Reality, now may be the time to do so.

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