The New Coach Behind The Firepower of Bravado Gaming

It comes with no surprise to see the coach role become more of an impact on teams around the country: sometimes a team just needs a little twist in their point of view to fix their mistakes. Today we get a look into the Bravado Gaming’s new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coach Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen.


So, to kick things off, let’s get to know more about the new coach.

Telkom Gaming (TG): What were some of the bigger teams that you have played for in the past?

“I played for C7E (CS:S, CS:GO) and eNergy esports (CS:GO). C7E got approached by eNergy after winning the first CS:GO tournament in South Africa and I played for eNergy since then (late 2012). The lineups in eNergy changed over the course of the four years, which also lead to me changing roles and the way I play. I played some 1.6 in the Sunday cups and a few games in the DGL, but I wasn’t really known in the community. I still remember acing Damage Control in an online game and everyone freaking out over teamspeak (ts), while I had no idea who they were. I learnt who they were rather quickly after that was pretty much one of the only rounds we won for the entire game.”

TG: What was the reason for your departure from eNergy eSports?

Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen: “Several reasons contributed to my decision to leave eNergy. I’m studying medicine as well so my schedule can get quite hectic at times. Within the team we just had too many differences (long term goals, play styles, personalities, etc.), which became more prominent with every loss and certain problems just kept on resurfacing despite numerous efforts to work on them. At the end of the day it felt like I was doing myself and the team injustice by playing and leading the team, if I wasn’t going to give it 100 percent.”

While it’s sad to see some players step down or change their roles, I can personally agree with T.C on the matter. I believe when you commit to playing for a team you need to always put 100 percent into it, anything less will cause issues.

T.C On the far left.

The Bravado Gaming squad showed a dominant performance at the  Telkom DGL Masters Finale, held just this past weekend. After their first battle against Carbon eSports, the squad showed some signs of weakness however their matches that followed saw the side return to their winning stride as they grasped the trophy with a quick 2-0 grip. So let’s focus on that event for a bit, with T.C explaining his unique ways of coaching the team.

Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen: “The way that I am trying to approach the coaching role is to have most of the work done before the game starts if that makes sense. So even though it sucks to only be able to communicate to the players during pauses, it didn’t affect me as much as it would affect someone who is in-game leading or constantly controlling the players during after plant situations in the coaching role.”

“Some people may think the main job of the coach is to pick up on the other team’s play-style and their tendencies during the game and possible counters to it, or small adjustments that the team needs to implement to pull off an execute that is barely not working, but I see that as an added benefit of having a coach.”

CSGO Main Image for Valve

After being a coach myself, I couldn’t agree more. T.C was extremely detailed in the emails and he continued to explain exactly what his plans were, and the reasoning behind them.

Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen: “I would like to think that I had an impact, but that is obviously a bit biased coming from me, so I think it would be better to ask one of the players for their opinion.“ he noted.

“The reason I sit and watch every scrim that we play and attend every practice session is to figure out possible problems we might run into that may have been overlooked, when the default or strat was designed, or even just bringing up counters that the opposing team may try so that when it happens we have discussed it, everyone is on the same page and we don’t get caught off guard.”

“There is only so much one can do from behind the players, once the match starts, when you are restricted to only talk during pauses and even when you can talk all the time, if a mistake that a player is making is part of his core, you aren’t going to fix that during the game, unless you are constantly reminding him about it and that should be done in scrims, not during a tournament. Other then that just basically discussing the map veto’s beforehand and our approach to the game to get everyone on the same page, before the game starts.“

TG: Do you get along well with everybody in the team?

Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen: “Yea we get along fairly well, except when Sonic (Aran Groesbeek) is hogging the vape or ELUSIVE (Ruan van Wyk) wakes up too late to make us breakfast. Look you can’t expect it to always be sunshine and roses but if and when  problems arise in the future we will deal with them.” (he probably typed with a smirk on his face).

TG: What do you feel you are going to bring to the Bravado side?

Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen: “At the start I didn’t have the intention of changing the way they play. I wanted to try and improve the structures and foundations they had already built. As we move forward this will probably change. Ideally I will be looking for ways to evolve our gameplay and ways to improve our communication. Other then that I’ll also be doing analysis of the teams we are competing against.”

TG: Prior to the announcement that you are Bravado Gaming’s new coach, it was no secret that you frequented their practices and scrims. Who or what caused you to start coaching the Bravado Gaming side?

Tiaan ‘T.C’ Coertzen: “I played with three of the current five Bravado players for more than a year in eNergy, so I knew them quite well and even though we went our separate ways, it was on good terms. I was reviewing one of their demos from a recent LAN event and noticed a few gaps in communication and had a few ideas that they could possibly use to improve their gameplay in certain areas. I approached Ruan (ELUSIVE) with the idea. He discussed it with the team and we decided to give it a go.”

“As you guys can see it wasn’t something that we rushed in to. We gave it some time to see if we had similar ideas, if the input I had was of value and if the players were comfortable with a 6th man behind them before making any decisions.”

If you wish to follow T.C in his role he will be behind the Bravado Gaming squad at ESWC in Paris, providing as much help and analysis as he can.

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