The Floodgates are Open: WhatsApp Now Supports Giphy

One of the most requested features for WhatApp has been the ability to have proper GIF functionality, and to my personal apprehension, the feature has now been added to the popular messaging client.


You will now be able to GIF’s into the mix thanks to a newly added Giphy search, and as a result, the number of media files you’re able to share at once has also increased. All you have to do is tap the emoji button and you will now be presented with the emoji keyboard as well as a Giphy search keyboard.

As mentioned you will now be able to send up to 30 images or videos in a single batch, allowing you to spam your friends and use up their data while their phones are in their pockets with greater acumen than you have ever been able to before.

To get the Giphy search option and increased media limit you will need the 2.17.6 beta version of WhatsApp, which is obtainable by joining the Google Play Store beta and simply downloading it.

Initial reports are that the version is rolling out steadily across the beta itself, so don’t fret if you gain access to the feature immediately – rollout should be imminent.

All I can say is, prepare your phones (and your data) – Overwatch gif’s are coming.

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