The DGC 2016 Finals Rematch – Will Ventus Get Revenge?

With the weekend fast approaching we can begin to look at the exciting action that will be in store for us this weekend in the Dota 2 DGL Masters, and action there is, with two interesting matches set to take place.

Both matches are set to take place on Sunday evening, with the first putting DGL Masters Champion’s White Rabbit Gaming against the new Veneration squad, which has shown itself to be a formidable squad.

It is the second matchup that is arguably more interesting however, as it sees a rematch of the Dota 2 DGC 2016 finals, as two new teams to the masters, eXDee and Ventus Gaming, get set to meet head to head.

Last year’s final saw eXDee eventually taking the win, although Ventus fought hard until the bitter end. Their slightly unconventional drafts may have let them down on the day, but things have changed drastically in the world of Dota 2 since then with the introduction of Dota 2 7.0 and the host of changes that came with it.

With that in mind, Telkom caught up with Pranesh “3” Singh, captain of the Ventus Gaming side, to find out how the team was doing in the new year and whether or not revenge was on the team’s plans for the weekend.

Telkom Gaming (TG): Well first and foremost, how has your team been fairing with the patch in the new year so far? Do you feel it suits your play-style, or is it something you’re still working on?

Pranesh “3” Singh: Well I think from our limited understanding of this patch, it really suits us. Unfortunately we have not had the time yet to fully explore the dynamic between this meta and our natural play-style and innovation. We have a few ideas here and there, but application is never easy. So it is something we are working on, and with Dota 2, it is something you will always be working on. It is the never-ending cycle.

Ventus Gaming at the 2016 Dota 2 DGC.

TG: Things have definitely changed, and this could be seen in your opening game against ApG. How are you guys feeling after that tough loss?

Singh: Well that did not really affect us at all. Props to ApG, they played really well and were clearly ahead of us in their understanding of things. However, we have never gotten disheartened from a loss, we just take it and learn from in. Losses are what we thrive on. I think internally, we just have some sort of weird thing going where we keep stepping up our game as we keep playing. With all that said, we had quite a few technical issues in those games as I am sure people saw, so we just laugh it off, joking that we lost due to lag!

TG: Looking forward to your match on Sunday, this will see a rematch of the 2016 DGC Grand final between yourselves and eXDee. Is there are slight need for vengeance? How confident is Ventus heading into the matchup?

Singh: Haha! I assumed nobody would have remembered about that since everyone expected pulse to be in that finals. But yes, even though we are a slightly different team with less practice, it still kind of feels like a revenge match. One of the core parts of one of our drafts again eXdee which was smartly countered at DGC, can now be counter countered in the new patch. Maybe we will try and use it again, or save it for the LAN finals!

Overall I would say our confidence levels are always really high no matter who we play. We hardly get shaken.

TG: That sound just mildly confident. Are you saying we can expect a Ventus win on Sunday evening?

Singh: Definitely, although there might be cheese, so prepare your pizza base!

JubbaGaming and Succubus will once again be at the helm to bring you the action live at 8pm on Sunday, so make sure not to miss out on what is sure to be an exciting game!

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