The COD: Infinite (PS4) Warfare Sapphire Showdown Begins Tonight!

Tonight sees the top eight finishers in the Sapphire Genesis and Do-or-Die Proving Ground respectively compete for their final chance at the upcoming Community Shield DGC Qualifier and a guaranteed place at the 2017 Digital Gaming Championships! Who will emerge victorious from the Sapphire Showdown?

Vying for one of four seeds in the first DGL Community Shield, where they will compete against the top four from the Emerald series, competitors will be looking to secure an early cup dominance with which they can snowball into a Showdown victory.  

  • Round 1: Thursday 9 March at 20:00 SAST
  • Round 2: Monday 13 March at 20:00 SAST
  • Round 3: Tuesday 14 March at 20:00 SAST
  • Round 4: Wednesday 15 March at 20:00 SAST

This cup will hold onto the same ruleset as previous cups with teams clashing in a 4vs4 single elimination best-of-five bracket.

Some large names have been thrown around this cup, while the first round might not sport the most even games – some heavy hitters are definitely going to clash in the coming rounds.

Some matches to keep an eye on:

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