The Boston Major Kicks Off This Evening

Valve’s first Major for the 2016/2017 Season kicks off in just a few hours time, and sees 16 of the world’s finest Dota 2 teams fighting it out for three million dollars in cash.

The Boston Major Dota 2

With the group stages done and dusted, Dota 2 fans now look to the main event which sees some absolutely brutal matchups in the opening day thanks to the change in format.

For those that are unaware, the group stage took place on a GSL format, which turned out to have its own surprises in store, such as Complexity Gaming beating Evil Geniuses not once, but twice in their group run, which is not the way most predictions went for that particular group.

The change in format also extends to the main event, which now gives all 16 teams involved just one life in the competition thanks to the single elimination format. That makes the bracket look like this for the main event:

Images courtesy of Wykrhm Reddy.

As you may have noted, there are multiple favourites to win the entire event just in today’s games that are on the chopping block, and we will be seeing at least four teams leave the tournament on the opening day.

It is a harshness that is more common in CS:GO tournaments than Dota 2, and could see potential winner’s knocked out without ever getting a chance to get their act together, which puts more pressure on the teams to perform.

Here is what the schedule looks like for The Boston Major:

Wednesday, 7 December:

  • 5pm SAST: RO16 Match 1 – Virtus.Pro vs. iG.Vitality
  • 8:30pm: SAST: RO16 Match 2 – Evil Geniuses vs. Wings Gaming
  • 00:00 SAST: RO16 Match 3 – Complexity Gaming vs. Warriors Gaming
  • 03:30 SAST: RO16 Match 4 – OG.Dota 2 vs. MVP Phoenix

Thursday, 8 December:

  • 5pm SAST: RO16 Match 5 – Digital Chaos vs. Team Faceless
  • 8:30pm SAST: RO16 Match 6 – EHOME vs. Team NP
  • 00:00 SAST : RO16 Match 7– Ad Finem vs. Newbee
  • 03:30 SAST : RO16 Match 8 – LGD vs. LGD.Forever Young

Friday, 9 December:

  • 5pm SAST: Quarterfinal 1 – TBD
  • 8:30pm SAST: Quarterfinal 2 – TBD
  • 00:00 SAST: Quarterfinal 3 – TBD
  • 03:30 SAST: Quarterfinal 4 – TBD

Saturday, 10 December:

  • 5pm SAST: Semi-Final 1 – TBD
  • 8:30pm SAST: Semi-Final 2 – TBD
  • 00:00 SAST: Final – TBD

The entire event will be streamed on YouTube, Twitch.TV and Facebook, so it is easier than ever before to catch some excellent Dota 2 action (if you’re willing to burn some midnight oil).

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