Try Telkom’s Internet Usage Tracker

The Telkom Internet Usage Tracking Tool is used by customers for viewing and managing their Telkom Internet broadband usage.

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Check your current internet usage with Telkom’s new Internet Usage Tracker tool, designed especially for the Telkom Internet subscriber.

Enter your Telkom Internet access username and password in the spaces provided and click on [submit].

Note: You don’t have to register for the Usage Tracker; you only need your Telkom Internet
username and password to utilize the tracking facility.  


You will then be taken to one of  several screens depending on the usage status of your account.

For a list of examples and a detailed guide on how to use the Telkom Internet Usage Tracker click here.

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  • CodeDisQus

    Is there any chance we could get something that is a bit more detailed.
    All I’m getting a coloured bar with each end saying Normal User and Power User, not very insightful at all!

    • henzero

      get a copy of netlimiter or something similar, works like a dream, if you schedule downloads for 00:00 – 06:00 dont think you hit power user

      • CodeDisQus

        Seriously!!! 00:00 and 06:00, never knew telkom had those facilities! thanks!

  • Mike Keegan

    I have an LTE connection. As far as i know I do not use a Username or Password- I just plug in the router and it’s online. How do I use the tracker? Thanks

  • Fahiem Kahn