Teams Gear Up for A Rematch in the DGL Community Shield Final

The stage is set for the final of the DGL Community Shield CS:GO Masters Qualifier as Bravado Gaming prepare to take on underdogs PROWolves in what will be a rematch of 4 Upper Bracket Final which saw Bravado secure a convincing 2-0 victory, going 16-11 on Cobblestone and 16-6 on Cache. After fighting their way through the losers bracket, can the Wolves exact their revenge or will Bravado continue their dominant reign and take first place?

Note: The final will be delayed as there are scheduling issues on the side of PROWolves.

Bravado Gaming – After starting off the double-elimination tournament with a BYE, the team showed a heavy-handed performance, whacking down multiple teams to the loser bracket on their journey to the final, taking down Ventus Red, Fat Cloud Gaming and Pro Wolves. Each game was a swift, one-sided affair with the boys in blue not dropping a single map. While some teams may have reached double digits, all would falter in the end. Can Bravado continue their unbroken streak? Captain Ruan “ELUSIVE” van Wyk seems confident of a repeat performance:

ELUSIVE (Ruan van Wyk): “Well, we’ve played them twice in the past, and we have a good idea of how they play. We’re just going to go out and play our game, and expect similar results. They have definitely improved over the course of the league, so we look forward to a good final!”

PROWolves – A surprising squad arises to show some dominance and, while their path might not be as clean as the squad in blue, they still managed to prove their might by taking down some hefty squads on their way to securing their place at the upcoming Masters Cup.

Taking down VnR Rejects, PuLse Gaming, Mythic Gaming before being knocked down to the loser bracket, the squad looked strong coming into the tournament and have shown themselves more than capable of holding their own in a tussle. Having secured themselves a place in the final by taking down Fat Cloud Gaming, who knocked out two Masters teams themselves, the Wolves will be looking to improve on their last result against the boys in blue with captain Wesley “Stain” Neveling saying of the rematch:

“Well we’re obviously aiming towards being able to consistently be able to compete against Bravado and eNergy eSports, we’ve been playing together for little over a month now and a big focus for us is to play top teams and see the way they execute and play and work on our own style, a big portion of the way we practice is just going over and dry running strats and learning how to react to strats from other teams when we are on CT. So every time we get a close game vs a masters team or play a team like Bravado we go over the demos and try to see how we should be reacting to those strategies”

Regardless of the outcome of the match, both of these two teams have earned themselves a place at the upcoming Masters Cup, scheduled to take place from 29 June to 2 July, where they will face some extremely tough competition.

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