Spotlight: MaDRaven Past, Present and Future


MaDRaven has been a part of the Premier Division for some time and Telkom Gaming (TG) caught up with Anneke ‘MaD Zania’ Le Roux, captain of MaDRaven and owner of the MaD Hatters clan, to find out a bit more about the team.

TG: How did you start MaDRaven (MaDJabberwocky at the time)?

Le Roux: “Well, it started out as a team under the Unleash Llama clan. The option was given to either continue as that, or create a new team under a new clan name. My team and I have always thought of ourselves as the Mad Hatters tea party so the latter option was taken and thus, MaDJabberwocky was born which eventually translated into a fully-fledged clan called MaD Hatters.”

TG: What was it like making your way into the Premier Division of the League of Legends Telkom DGL, and staying there for more than one leg?

MaDJabberwocky Main Banner

Le Roux: “It’s was an awesome feeling. It also gave us great motivation to keep trying harder and harder to reach for the top.”

TG: What are the biggest challenges you have faced since entering the LoL DGL?

Le Roux: “The biggest challenge is definitely finding dedicated players who are loyal to the clan and its growth. Trying to arrange a match that accommodates 10 peoples’ schedule is also rather infuriating, even without Eskom interfering with load shedding.”

TG: How was the level of competition at the 2014 Telkom DGC for your team?

Anneke 'MaD Zania' Le Roux
Anneke ‘MaD Zania’ Le Roux

Le Roux: “It was interesting. It’s amazing to see the teams progressing throughout the year and finally coming together at one place, all competing for the same prize. One of the teams that we have formed a friendly competitive rivalry with is FLG since every year we get to play against them and it’s a lot of fun.”

TG: What do you think about the level of competitiveness in the DGL the season?

Le Roux: “Last year I already saw that the First Division was looking tough and now they are in Premier Division and it’s nice to see how teams have progressed and come this far. The Premier Division will be tough this year.”

TG: What is your end goal for the Summer Leg?

Le Roux: “At the moment we are looking at improving as a team. Seeing where we are, where we want to be and how to get there”

TG: Where do you see the team a year from now?

Le Roux: “Ultimately I have the dream that our team will be in the top three of the LoL Telkom DGL.”

MaDRaven is currently competing in the 2015 LoL Telkom DGL Summer Leg Premier Division but has unfortuntely not been able to take a win as of yet. Their latest game was against the current champions, eN.Re Vera, and was played last night, Thursday 26 March, at 8:30pm. You can watch the VOD of the game below.

You can check out all the information on the MaD Hatters clan over on its website, or the clan’s Telkom DGL page. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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