Sign Up for For Honor’s Beta, Kicking off Later this Month

Back in December, Ubisoft revealed a closed multiplayer beta coming for their upcoming ‘Art of War’ title, For Honor. The beta, which will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, is set to kick off in just two weeks (26-29 January 2017) with registration now open on the official Ubisoft website here.

For Honor

Signing up for the closed beta will not only grant you potential access to the hack-and-slash’s multiplayer mode for one short weekend but also includes the following:

  • A chance to win exclusive rewards in the War of the Factions
  • Gear, updates, and all the latest news on For Honor!

A single fighter can win a fight, it takes a band of warriors to win a battle. This is the core idea behind Ubisoft’s brand new IP in a brand new genre; For Honor. Knight, Viking or Samurai, defeat your enemies in close quarter melee combat that brings combat to your fingertips and prove your faction the strongest the world has ever seen.

For Honor 2

The closed multiplayer beta will take players to the war-torn fields of Ashfeld, Valkenheim and Myre in order to experience the thrill of battle as one of three factions (one of which you must choose when registering for the beta).

“Pledge your sword. Fight for your Faction. Carve out your legacy. All who enter the battlefield will reap the rewards.”

Coinciding with the Closed Beta, Ubisoft is launching War of the Factions, a limited-time event which will help answer the question: When the mighty Vikings, deadly Samurai and bold Knights finally collide on the battlefield, who will reign supreme?

War of the Factions will track all multiplayer activities across all platforms from all players during the Closed Beta, and will reward players for fighting for their factions and honor the winning faction with additional rewards. The rewards will transfer to the full game and only be available to Closed Beta participants.

For Honor is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on 14 February 2017.