Should You Heed the Battlecry this Valentines, For Honor?

The release date for Ubisoft’s latest action fighting title, For Honor, has finally arrived and it comes on the back of a fairly successful open beta that saw more than three million gamers try out the ‘Art of War’ styled brawler. If you missed the action you can find a short breakdown of the experience here.

The open beta saw over three million plus players competing in this combat-sword rich game in what should have been dubbed a“Stress Test” – at which it would have scored fairly average if the numerous comments about connectivity issues are anything to go by though the experience did enable users to make use of the extensive practice modes which showed off nine of the twelve available classes in fairly adequate fashion.

Is that Mortal Kombat in the distance?

However, with the release slated for today, one must ask: Is this title worth it’s rather hefty R799 (PC) price-point ?

To put things simply, this game could be worth its giant price tag, but that all depends on how much single-player content is in the game. Multiplayer-wise, the title is stocked full of things to do and I always found myself with a long list of things to try. The other major factor is personal preference as the title requires quite a bit of coordination and skill and presents players with rather a steep learning curve in comparison to a lot of new games, with the exception of the Dark Souls series which you should probably see as a more accurate comparison point for For Honor.  If you enjoy games that make you sweat for every victory, but also enjoy an extensive multiplayer experience then this could be just the title for you.  

Below you can find the first fifteen minutes of gameplay which will introduce you to the start of the game and what style the single-player is. In my view, it’s a rich story on paper but has little real storyline (though I am sure we will learn more in the single-player). This in of itself could sway some people in terms of content – how much content do you really receive in the single-player campaign and, if that is what you buy games for, is it going to be enough to warrant that price. My guess at this time is, if you are buying it for the single-player then perhaps you should give this one a miss as the multiplayer is where this title truly shines.  

The graphics are simply stunning (except for the map overview) and the gameplay is responsive but suffers some p2p connection errors (the elephant in the room for multiplayer duels). The single player is somewhat different but still ends up being the same combat taken from multiplayer with only slight variation, though this was as expected.

In conclusion: watch some videos, do a little research and see if the style suits you. If you are already captivated by some gameplay trailers, then wear the game like a suit of armour and dive in head-first.

The potential:

I had some strange conversations over the weekend as players were asking what I thought about Esports and For Honor and my response was “Why not?”.

The very nature of the title, fending off enemies and claiming territories, seems to shout “Esports” though I personally feel that this would take a lot of fun out of the game itself. However, with some tweaking and balancing from Ubisoft, I cannot think of reason why people wouldn’t want to embrace the title in a tournament as such though the p2p connection aspect is concerning and would most likely need to be addressed if Ubisoft wanted the title to be truly considered as a competitive title.

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  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Look, the beta was fun.
    But at the same time, I found myself wanting to smash my controller through the wall.

    I think the idea is good but there is a lot of repetitiveness in the game which I think will be its undoing.

    For Honor feels like a game you can have fun for a month or 2 but then it will just be the same old, perfect example of a Ubisoft title – The Division.

    Anyways, I tried my luck at a free copy and failed 😛
    So forking out R799 for this title is not going to happen.