Semper Vincemus Gaming Presents the BF4 8v8 Memories Cup

Battlefield 1 may have launched today (21 October) but the memories of Battlefield 4 adventures never die! To celebrate the past, Semper Vincemus Gaming proudly presents the BF4 8v8 Memories Cup!

From the official cup page: “Relive the 8v8 memories of days gone past before we turn over a new page onto what may become Battlefield 1.”


Game Settings

  • Map Size: Small Conquest
  • Number of tickets per round: 50%
  • Ranked or Unranked: Unranked (all weapons should be unlocked)
  • Competitive format: 8 players vs 8 players
  • Spectators: Only official administrators and streamers may join the game as broadcasters or spectators
  • Factions: Default (no altering factions is allowed)
  • Server config available to download here.

To see the full set of rules, match format, server settings as well as weapon lists check out the full Cup Rule page here.

  • Round 1
    • Round-Robin
    • Best-of-three
    • 24 October – 7 November
  • Round 2
    • Single-Elimination
    • Best-of-three
    • 7 – 28 November

Cup Registration closes on 23 October 2016 with limited spots available (sixteen total) so be sure to sign your team up soon to avoid disappointment.