Schlocks Brings More than 50 Micro VR Party Games to Steam

Virtual Reality (VR) is an experience that is best enjoyed with friends (who else is going to laugh at you when you fall over the furniture?) so it is with great excitement that Fancy Bear Games unveils a new VR title that aims at bringing friends together with VR: this is Schlocks.

Schlocks is a VR experience that’s best played with friends. Featuring up to four-player local competitive modes, and over 50 different micro-games, Schlocks should prove a hit for party gamers. Working closely with the Steam community, Fancy Bear Games will be taking suggestions for new micro-games to be added to the final version. The complete release is expected to have 100+ micro-games.

Grab your friends, grab your HTC Vive, and grab hold of yourself, dammit! Rush through 50+ hectic micro-games (over 100 at launch!) in the first ever competitive party game for VR. Each game in Schlocks is only 10 seconds long, so don’t get comfortable; you’ll need to stay on your toes as you bat beehives, hoist the mainsail, and make a dang good sandwich!


  • 50+ games in Early Access with over 100 on the final release.
  • Enjoy competitive party gaming with friends, while also giving friends a good laugh at their expense.
  • … or play all alone if you have no friends. It’s still fun!
  • Explore 10 different departments of the Schlocks Store, including the farm, kitchen, ocean, carnival, and more!
  • Unbeatable value! That’s the Schlocks-brand Commitment™ that you can count on.

Of the release, Fancy Bear Games CEO Patrick Ryan said: “The future of virtual reality is social! With Schlocks, we want everybody to enjoy tonnes of micro-games with family and friends, without over-complicated controls and mechanics. There are so many great games for VR, but we want to make Schlocks so simple and fun that everyone can join the party.”

Schlocks unlocks on the Steam Early Access Program today, 18 April 2017.