Sapphire Genesis Victors RyL Royalty Ready for Any Challenge

After an unsuccessful showing in the Emerald Series, RyL Royalty is ready to take on the competition in the Sapphire Showdown, having secured victory in the finals of the Sapphire Genesis Proving Grounds.

The Sapphire Showdown, which will play post to the top eight teams from the Sapphire Genesis Proving Grounds and the recently completed Sapphire Do-or-Die Proving Grounds respectively, will see teams battle it out for their chance at competing for a confirmed place at the 2017 Digital Gaming Championships in the Community Shield DGC Qualifier, set to kick off later this month.

Ahead of their competition in the Sapphire Showdown, Telkom Gaming caught up with RyL Royalty captain Herman “Psycho” Reinach for his thoughts on the Cup and his expectations for the upcoming Showdown.

Telkom Gaming (TG): First off, congratulations on your performance in the Sapphire Genesis Cup, dropping not a single point to any of the teams you faced. What was your most challenging match so far and why?

Herman “Psycho” Reinach: Even though the teams did perform at their best, and we encourage participation to grow these teams, it wasn’t the most challenging tournament. There wasn’t really a challenging game for us in that tournament due to none of the majorly successful teams competing and that, as a team, we are playing at a top Premier league level.

TG: Is there a particular player on your team you feel has shown particular strength this cup (an MVP perhaps)?

Psycho: Generally, I wouldn’t say that there was a real MVP within the teams because we weren’t challenged much. However, I would pick our newest addition Lewis ‘Alpaca’ Blackburn since he’s a player but also a coach for us. He’s helping the team when it comes to champ select, decision making, playmaking and objective control. He’s a great asset to have and also gives the team much more confidence whenever we play.

TG: Being a part of a new team and a new MGO, how do you feel your side has progressed since the start of the 2017 season?

Psycho: Royalty, with regards to the DGL first Leg, have done what we could since taking over from Forbidden Temptation’s spot in Second Division. We luckily managed to promote to First Division and are building from there until we get to Premier where we should be at.

With regards to tournaments, we’ve had a very rocky start due to catching GooN Squad (now known as Vexxed Phoenix), who are the best team in South Africa at the moment, early on in all the events so far. While they’ve been playing together for a very long time, our new team, who at the start of the season only started playing together, have been keeping up with them in games but haven’t managed a killing blow yet due to our teamwork not being on the same level as theirs yet.

TG: How will you prepare your team for the upcoming Sapphire Showdown, with a place at the Community Shield DGC Qualifier on the line?

Psycho: Practising three evenings a week for a few hours then jamming with each other at random times whenever we’re online. We’re focusing on the meta champions and researching the teams, not just playing on comfort picks and instinct.

TG: What do you feel your team needs to work on to truly realise their full potential and how are you going to enable them to achieve this?

Psycho: All that’s left to work on is teamwork and trust, and the only way to do that is practice and jamming with each other. Our team has all the individual skill needed to be champions, however, we cannot win against a great veteran team like Vexxed Phoenix [GooN Squad] unless our teamwork is on par with theirs.

TG: Having played through the Emerald series you have some idea of the level of competition you will face in the upcoming Community Shield. Which team that has already qualified are you most looking forward to facing at the Qualifier and why?

Psycho: Looking ahead, I’m looking forward to the eN [Energy E-Sports Black] match since Alex ‘RoiDzZ’ Rymill was the one who found me, raised me up in the competitive scene and became like an older brother to me. I want to show him what I can do and make him proud. However, teamwise, Vexxed Phoenix are in our crosshairs. Since they are the number one team, beating them would then give us the confidence to beat any other team in the scene. Mainly extra morale for playing Vexxed Phoenix at DGC be it in group stages, or any of the finals since that is where players always show up regardless of previous games/slumps.

TG: Is there anything further you would like to add?

Psycho: With the amazing support structures set in place for us by Jan “SpartanX” van der Westhuizen, the founder of Royalty and Kyle “Zypherr” Slater our manager. We will overcome any obstacles in our way to becoming the champions of the South African League of Legends scene. We as an organisation have a lot to prove and everyone on the team/staff have the desire and drive to reach our goals.

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