Sapphire Do-or-Die Proving Grounds Registration Now Open

Registration for the last Proving Grounds Cup are upon us as the Sapphire Do-or-Die Proving Grounds cups go live today!

The Sapphire Do-or-Die Proving Grounds present teams with one last chance to compete in the Sapphire series with the ultimate goal of qualifying for either the Masters Cup or a guaranteed place at the 2017 Digital Gaming Championships through the upcoming Community Shield Events!

For more information about the Sapphire Series, the Community Shield and how it all fits into the DGL click here, or check out our guide to the 2017 DGL season here.

Cup schedule as follows:

  • Registration open: 22 Feb @ 08:00am
  • Registration closes: 28 Feb @ 11:45pm
  • Round 1: Wed 1 March @ 8:00pm
  • Round 2: Thur 2 March @ 8:00pm
  • Round 3: Fri 3 March @ 8:00pm
  • Round 4: Sat 4 March @ 8:00pm
  • Round 5: Sun 5 March @ 8:00pm
  • Round 6: Mon 6 March @ 8:00pm
  • Round 7: Tue 7 March @ 8:00pm

Note: All round dates are subject to change at the Digital Gaming League’s discretion. 

DGL Masters titles:

Non-Masters Titles:

Cups are open to all players and teams, regardless of rank, with the only restrictions being for Masters teams or teams that have already qualified for the Community Shield, Sapphire Showdown or Masters LAN.