Saddle Up for the Battlefield 1 Open Beta!

Modern Warfare? Working Weapons? Begone! It’s time to saddle up for the Battlefield 1 Open beta!

Battlefield 1 Main Banner

You might be able to tell that I’m fairly excited about this game, as all indications look as though it may be a return to form for the franchise, and, may I say, finally, a Battlefield game that takes us back into some historic warfare.

This was when the franchise truly shined for me and a lot of fans, and bringing the gritty trench warfare of World War 1 to life sounds like a fantastic idea, and DICE seem to be running with it so far.

Those wanting to try out the game will not have to wait for long, as the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will begin as of tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One and PC via EA’s Origin platform.

If you, like myself, signed up for the Battlefield Insider program, you will already be able to download the Battlefield 1 beta client, which comes in at a 7.1gig download, which is not too bad for cap concerns.

Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer Main Image
No real horses were harmed in the making of Battlefield 1.

The Beta will have just one map, Sinai Desert, and will come with two well known modes, Conquest and Rush.

Conquest is the signature Battlefield mode, featuring large-scale 64 player maps and chaos reigning supreme on the battlefield (see what I did there?), while Rush is a more controlled 24 player experience, which has you defending or attacking Telegraph Posts from the invading army.

For console players, the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription, but unfortunately for Xbox Live members, you will need a Xbox Live Gold account should you wish to try out the Open Beta on Xbox One.

To get you in the mood for Battlefield 1 Open Beta, check out the recently released trailer from GamesCom 2016:

I will be out on the Battlefield (1) as soon as servers go live. Will you be joining me?