Reigning DGC Champions VxP GooN Squad Down Another Member

Competition in the local League of Legends scene is heating up with the Sapphire Showdown currently underway to decide which teams will progress through to the upcoming Community Shield DGC Qualifier and a chance at an early, guaranteed spot at the 2017 Digital Gaming Championships!

As team’s battle it out in the Sapphire Showdown so do we receive some dissapointing news from the Emerald Showdown victors, VxP GooN Squad, as captain Brandon “brafester” Fester has revealed, via a Facebook post, that the 2016 DGC Champions and Premier Division Leg 1 winners will be missing their long-time ADC and key player, Connor “Kiddo” Cryans, for the foreseeable future.


Telkom Gaming caught up with Connor “Kiddo” Cryans for more information about the situation as well as his thoughts on how his team will fare in upcoming competitions without him:

Telkom Gaming (TG): First off, congratulations on your team’s recent performances in both the DGL league and the Sapphire Cup. In previous interviews, your captain, Brandon “brafester” Fester, has attributed your input as key in those victories. What are your thoughts on what you contribute to your team?

Connor “Kiddo” Cryans: Thank you for the congratulations. I believe that my main contributions to the team would be my shot calling and in-game leader, as well as somebody who they can rely on individually.

TG: Coming off the back of this success comes the news (via Facebook) of VxP looking for a temporary ADC replacement. What can you tell us about this?

Connor “Kiddo” Cryans after a previous operation

Kiddo: I informed Brandon to start looking for a replacement ADC about a week or two ago already, as I had an operation on my left knee coming up. However, I wasn’t sure as to how serious the operation would be. Since I have been given more information about it, I gave Brandon the heads up to start looking for a temporary ADC while I recover.

TG: From the post on Facebook it appears you will be out of commission for at least a few weeks, including being absent for the upcoming Community Shield. What effect do you feel your absence will have on your team’s performance?

Kiddo: Starting off, I would just like to say that, being the team’s primary shot caller, I feel that their play might weaken a little bit, however, Kyle “youNique” Taylor is more than capable of shot calling at a top tier level. It will be interesting to see how my team will play around my replacement, and whether they will change their playstyle to a stronger top half of the map instead of bottom.

TG: Will you be working with the ‘new’ ADC during his time on the team or will this be a complete break from the Esports scene?

Kiddo: I will definitely keep in contact with the team behind the scenes however I doubt that I’ll be seen around the scene until I feel that I am ready to make a comeback.

TG: Seeing as you won’t be participating in the cup, what are your predictions for the upcoming community cup from an external standpoint?

Kiddo: I love my team, I really do, but from a non-biased prediction I feel that Royal Royalty will be favourites as they will have the individual players and synergy. That being said, if the replacement manages to find his footing and manages to synergize with my team, it could make for a really good tournament.

TG: If you had a choice in who the replacement ADC would be, who would you choose and why? (disregard actual availability etc for a hypothetical answer)

Kiddo: Definitely Brett “ClaxzoR” Whitehead [of VnR -Veneration E-Sports LOL]. He is one of, if not the best, ADC in the country. He is always a fantastic player to lane against and I feel that he is the only South African player who could fill my shoes mechanically.

TG: Is there anything further you would like to add?

Kiddo: I would like to wish all the teams best of luck in the upcoming community cup. I hope that my replacement will be able to fill my shoes and I believe that my team will excel without me.

We checked in with GooN Squad captain Brandon “brafester” Fester for his thoughts on the news:

Brandon “brafester” Fester: Losing a player of his stature is always going to be a hard knock, on any team. There’s a lot he brings to the team outside of playing the actual game and I’d be lying if I said it’s going to be business as usual. However, it’s not the end. We’ve got four other strong players and we’re all ready to step up to the task at hand. Our foundation is set, now it’s just about finding the right replacement and giving him (or her) the right tools to acclimate to our environment.

Lastly, to Kiddo, on behalf of the team and VxP we wish you the best of luck and a swift recovery. You don’t need your leg to play league, but you kick arse so much it’s become a necessity.

With VxP GooN Squad having recently having to replace coach and mid-laner Lewis “Alpaca” Blackburn, who left the team to play for rivals Royal Royalty, the GooN Squad may have some tough matches ahead, with only two members of their original 2016 DGC winning squad set to play in the upcoming Community Shield.

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