Pulse Gaming Feeling the Beat

Tonight sees another interesting match in the DGL Dota 2 Masters as Pulse Gaming take on current tied-third place holders eXDee Gaming.

The Pulse Gaming side, despite some quick roster changes before the start of the Leg and the loss of Dale “Frenzy” Haricombe for the 2017 season, have seemingly taken everything in their stride so far, and in my opinion are one of the sides currently improving the fastest here in the DGL Masters.

This is also apparent in their scores, as despite being 2 – 0 – 3 currently, the team has managed to take games of some of the top sides such as Aperture Gaming and xTc Gaming , and have definitely shown off moments where they look like they could be a serious podium contender later in the year.

Telkom Gaming managed to catch up with the captain of Pulse Gaming, Neeran “Doppl3R” Motheeram, to find out if he shared my sentiments and how the team was feeling about tonight’s match:

Pulse.Dota 2 at the 2016 DGC Prizegiving

Telkom Gaming (TG): Despite a bit of a rough start thanks to an opening match against WRG, Pulse Gaming have seemingly been going from strength to strength as the leg progresses. How are you feeling about your Leg One run?

Neeran “Doppl3R” Motheeram: “I think we are progressing well so far. In terms of our fixtures we have already played three of the teams currently in the top four and taken games off of some of them. Considering we are a very new team, (we only confirmed the team two days before Masters rosters locked as we were notified quite late that we were actually in Masters) there are still a lot of inconsistencies in our play that we are working through. I think once we become comfortable with our style and broaden our hero pool we will only get stronger.

We initially aimed to finish top six in this first leg to avoid the unnecessary pressures of having to qualify for the cup and I’m hoping our performances stay on the rise to ensure that.”

TG: Tonight’s match is another tough one against eXDee. Have you guys done any specific preparation for the match? How do you rate your chances tonight of coming out with a win?

Motheeram:  “eXDee are a very good team that have shown consistency in their performance against the top team since last year, so they will be a very tough team to play against. We didn’t prepare anything especially for them as we feel we need to still find our style as a team, so we have been focusing more on that during our practices.

In term of our chances, well anything can happen and with Robert “rAgeBos” Huckle on your team. He can install the drive in you to beat some of his former team mates, so I guess anything is possible!”

Local casters Succubus and JubbaGaming will once again be on-hand to bring you the action live, with action set to kick off at 8pm.

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