Pulse Gaming Determined Despite Mixed Results

Pulse Gaming has been one of the sides struggling to find form in Leg Two of the DGL Dota 2  Masters, having posted a mixed yet oddly impressive bag of results so far in the opening weeks.

The side managed to lose out to Energy Esports, but quickly followed it up with a rather surprising win against the favoured Aperture Gaming side, only to follow it up with a loss to the new eXDee squad in what many would have assumed to be a Pulse win.

Clearly the team is trying to find their form and, with just a week to go until the Dota 2 Master’s Cup, Telkom Gaming caught up with captain of Pulse Gaming, Neeran “Doppl3R” Motheeram, to talk about the team’s current form and Master’s preparation:

Pulse.Dota 2 at the 2016 DGC Prizegiving

Telkom Gaming (TG): Pulse has had a mixed bag of results to say the least when it comes to Leg Two, getting unexpected wins against teams like Aperture Gaming but following it up with a surprise loss to eXDee. Is this the team trying to find their form?

Neeran “Doppl3R” Motheeram: We had a roster change recently with Deathy replacing rAgeBos in the offlane. I think it meant we had to change our drafts a bit and rework aspects of our game until we found what works for us. We have been experimenting a lot, as we haven’t quite nailed down a new winning formula for us, so I think that has contributed to our inconsistent results. But, with so many LANs and tournaments being announced, the team has been quite driven to find that formula.

TG:  You’ve got a fairly tough matchup in the form of Veneration Esports, who have had a similar start to yourselves, both currently sitting at 3 – 0 – 2. How do you feel heading into the match on Sunday?

Motheeram:  The new VNR roster has been getting decent results of late so they won’t be a team we will take lightly. I think they are also having similar issues to us as they are a newly formed roster. I think because of that we will just stick to playing our game and trust in our strengths to carry us to victory.

TG:  It is now just a week to go until the DGL Master’s Cup, and the first time to fight these teams in a LAN environment in the DGL this year. How are preparations going?

Motheeram: The team has been practicing consistently over the last week, which I think was a big issue for us up until now. Like I said, we have been experimenting a lot so match results have been inconsistent but I think we are learning a lot from our practices and constantly evolving our game. We going to just push hard until the LAN and showcase our next form there.
TG: What are Pulse Gaming’s goals heading into the DGL Master’s Cup? Do you think we could see you on the podium by the end of next week?

Motheeram: We finished sixth in Leg One, so our first goal would be to improve on that. I think all the teams have been practicing hard for the LAN so everyone is going to be better than before. Because of that I think previous form goes out the window because every LAN locally and especially overseas ends up having its own meta and it’s the team that adapts to that the best that ends up winning. So maybe we can pull an Ad Finem from the Boston major, who knows!

Local casters Succubus and Jubba will be on hand to bring the action to you on Sunday, so end your weekend with a bang by catching up on some great local Dota 2 action.

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