Pulse.Evolve on BF4 DGC Dominance

After losing their first game of the entire year to xTc.Legion in the BF4 Telkom DGL Leg Four, questions were raised as to whether the Pulse Gaming‘s Evolve squad would be able to go all the way at this year’s Battlefield 4 (BF4) Telkom DGL Champions.

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However concerns were soon quashed after a confident Pulse.Evolve side soon stomped their dominance all over the BF4 Telkom DGC, and walked away with a convincing victory by the end of the weekend.

Telkom Gaming caught up with the captain of Pulse.Evolve, Joel “JokeRbb” Perdigao, to talk about this year’s DGC and the future of the side:

Telkom Gaming (TG): First and foremost, for Pulse Gaming, this has been a long road to a DGC victory, having barely missed out for a few years in a row. How does it feel to finally take home the win?

Joel “JokeRbb” Perdigao:  Having won the title last year with ApG made me eager to compete again, just to prove to myself that it could be done.  I wanted to help my team take their first title as they were the ones always just one step away from claiming DGC Victory. I feel triumphant for myself and for the team – finally claiming a win they worked really hard for.

(TG): Although Evolve showed dominance throughout the year it was clear that there were some highly competitive teams strewn through the leagues, which was highlighted in particular at this year’s DGC. How did you and your team find the competition this year?

BF4 JokeRbb DGC 2016 Pulse Gaming

Perdigao:  I don’t think we were really afraid of any team in particular this year, and I never made my team aware of any potential threats as I felt if we kept the focus on ourselves and keep improving on our past mistakes,  that no team would be able to beat us. I, as the captain, had to keep my eye on the top three and I think DGC played out in the way that I saw it – with an upset here and there.

(TG): In an early interview at DGC you were expecting to face xTc.Legion in the final, but ended up facing SvG-Infamous after a surprise last minute upset from the underdog side. Did this affect your team’s mentality going into the final?

Perdigao:  We were prepared for either team. We did feel more comfortable playing SvG at the end, as they have a similar style to our own – so we knew exactly how to punish that.

(TG): If you were to pick an MvP for the DGC 2016, who would it be and why?

Perdigao:  This is a tough question to ask as I don’t really pay attention to other players on and individual level.  Having said that it would have to go to my teammates as a whole due to each of them stepping up in the game when they needed to.

(TG): Moving forward to next year and Battlefield 1, are Pulse going to be moving forward into the next generation of Battlefield? Do you think it will be Esports viable?

Perdigao:  It is really tough to say what Battlefield 1 will be like and I think the community as  whole are really just waiting to see what the maps and modes are going to be like. No real response on servers for our region also puts a big halt on the title so I think only time will tell. As for puLse moving forward – I think we will all be taking a break for a few weeks and then discuss things further once we know what to expect from Battlefield 1 in SA.

Perdigao ended by adding a huge thank you Plantronics and Chris “Chriscuz” Cousins, manager of the Pulse Gaming side, who was hard at work the entire weekend looking after the various Pulse Gaming sides.

pulse evolve BF4 DGC 2016

On top of the title of 2016 Battlefield 4 DGC Champion, Pulse.Evolve also secured themselves the following in cash and prizes, courtesy of Telkom and Logitech:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

  • R1,500 from Logitech
  • R2,500 from Telkom