Psyonix Talks Rocket League Server Performance

Yesterday Psyonix took to their official blog to talk about the recent server performance of their hit physics-based car football game Rocket League, as things have been a bit unstable for the past few weeks.

Players have been affected by poor server performance, server outages and lengthy matchmaking times which, according to Psyonix, is “totally unacceptable“:  We sincerely apologize to all of our players for the quality of online play, and we are focusing all of our available resources on addressing PsyNet’s capabilities and performance, and the quality of our game servers,” said Psyonix.

The server performance decline has been linked to an ever increasing influx of players taking to the field, with March’s figure already resting at a peak player number of 74,330 in comparison to the 59,000 players seen just six months ago (in October 2016):

 “The number of monthly active Rocket League players has jumped roughly 40 percent over 2016 in the first few months of this year alone. While our player population continues to grow at a healthy pace, we need to do a better job at scaling up our systems and internal processes to handle this kind of growth. We are growing so fast, both as a company and as a game, that we are racing to fill new positions on our Online Services team (that’s the group at Psyonix that builds and maintains our backend systems — which makes this a good time to mention our Careers page, for those of you who want to come work on Rocket League with us.) We are effectively becoming an Online Service company, as Rocket League is primarily an online game, and we continue to grow in size and scope. Growing this team is one of our top priorities as we approach Rocket League’s second anniversary in July.”

The post went to talk about how they will be remedying the problems people have be facing, but it is in the section entitled “dedicated server performance” where South Africans should pay heed, as there is a very exciting addition towards the end of the post.

“Finally, while we have already invested in new server hardware in Europe and North America, we are continuing to investigate new hardware options in other regions, including Asia, South Africa, and Central America.”

This exciting news aside, it seems Psyonix are working hard to keep their community happy, and has been one of the outstanding developers when it comes to adding regular, free and fun content to their game, which has helped keep Rocket League so popular since its release.

To read the full blog post, simply click here.

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