Project Scorpio to support 4K 60fps Game Capture

In a report from Windows Central, the Project Scorpio console(otherwise known as the new Xbox), will feature an “internal power supply unit (PSU), just like the Xbox One S” along with support for 4K decoding and streaming.

What you need to know: Project Scorpio is a new Xbox One console set for 4K content and games. The console itself is set to release in the holiday season of 2017.

More details around the console will be revealed at E3 2017, on 13 June 2017.

Multiple fans thought that Scorpio would become a powerhouse however, with the power supply unit (PSU) designed similar to the Xbox One S this may not be the case. Heating issues will be a problem, not to mention keeping a small form factor for that stylish marketing reveal is limiting in terms of hardware.

Microsoft has been punting this new 4K gaming console to the market, which is said to boast over six teraflops of computing power, with the main focus being 4K content, both viewing and creating. While 4K quality for gamers may still be a thing of the future, Microsoft is looking to focus on true 4K for not only their games but their media streaming services as well as content creation with the report mentioning that their support will even extend to game streaming: “In Microsoft’s efforts to make Project Scorpio a true 4K system, it will also feature HEVC and VP9 codecs for decoding 4K streams for things such Netflix, just like the Xbox One S. It will also leverage HEVC for encoding 2160p, 60 frame-per-second (FPS) video for Game DVR and streaming.”

This means that gamers can easily capture and create content at a 4K resolution, the dream for a lot of professional streamers, but that hangs on a thread since there are little to no details about what games will be available or how the system functions. For this 4K content, users will also be (obviously) using a 4K monitor or TV which comes at a premium price, especially in South Africa.

In conclusion, Project Scorpio could turn out to be an amazing video game capture solution for content creators with their new hardware a vast improvement over the current Xbox One consoles, that sport a measly 720p 30fps DVR capture.

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