Pokémon GO Plus Review

We here at Telkom Gaming are all massive fans of Pokémon GO, and have been keeping up with the latest patches and goings-on in the game, both for our benefit and the communities. pokemon go plus banner

With that in mind, we managed to reach out to friend and fellow Pokémon hunter Donovan “DoggyTheOutlaw” Wright, who recently picked himself up a Pokémon Go Plus, to find out about the device, as it seems to be selling like hotcakes around the world.

Here’s his experience so far:

“I’ve been playing Pokémon GO for a month now and will admit that I am well and truly addicted, so for me any chance for to enhance my gameplay experience for Pokémon GO was a “no-brainer“. My friend told me I could get one on Takealot [unfortunately it is no longer listed on this site], and five minutes later the purchase was made.

Granted, R700 for what essentially is a piece of plastic with a shiny button that has some Bluetooth capability does seem like a lot at first, and it is if you look at it that way, but you soon come to realise it’s worth every penny, and then some, for avid Pokémon hunters.

The Pokémon GO Plus has had some mixed reviews so far in its infancy but, considering that it’s mostly sold out worldwide, and that it does much more than it ever promised to do originally, I’m a little unsure as to why.  I will admit to having a few issues with it disconnecting every so often but it’s so quick just to reconnect I didn’t find that to be much of an issue, and the latest update seems to have fixed the problem for the most part anyway.

“Push the Button and Let Me Know”

If you don’t know by know this is how the it works.

  • Pokéstops: The light will flash blue and the device will vibrate if you are in range of a Pokéstop. Then, it will either flash the multi-colour disco light if you received any items or just flash white if your bag is full. Either way, you get experience. It will flash red if the Pokéstop becomes out of range.
  • Pokémon New and Old: it will flash green for a Pokémon you have already caught, yellow for a new one. You will then get the iconic white light that signifies the rolling of the ball, a signal that has been in pretty much every Pokémon game ever. At any stage it could flash three short reds lights, telling you the Pokémon has fled. Alternately, after three it flashes the multi-colour disco light of success, meaning you have caught the Pokémon. Note: The plus will only ever throw one Pokéball at a Pokémon. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Buddying and Hatching Eggs: Simply put, the plus is just better at doing this than just having the game open on your phone. It’s way more forgiving speed wise meaning you will often get Km’s driving around or using public transport. I think it’s because the plus scans you area more frequently than just having the game running (but that I can’t confirm, it is merely my own suspicions).


“The Week Long Test”

I was lucky enough to get my Plus last week Monday evening and actually connecting it was really simple. Within minutes from driving away from Takealot I had caught my first Pokémon – albeit a Pidgey, but either way, it was very exciting. Moments after that I was collecting Pokéstops while driving home. Life was good.

Normally, things go wrong after that sentence but, surprisingly, with the Plus it just got better and better. Being able to click a button every so often while driving is fantastic. I don’t bother with what colour its flashing –  I just click away and let the gods decide. I have had two new Pokémon run away from me in the week, but it’s not a bother because ordinarily I wouldn’t have even had a chance at catching them.

“Bugs, Rats and Bats – Oh My!”

The hard experience grind in Pokémon Go is real, and after a month I’m now at level 26. The last week with the Plus has made a real difference within this regard. Just sitting around some Pokéstops and clicking a button every five minutes makes a surprising difference to your experience gain, not to mention you never really have to worry about running out of Pokéballs again, thanks to the sheer amount of Pokéstops you get with this thing connected.

Personally, I just keep the Plus in my pants pocket and click it every time it vibrates, let it do its thing, and see what I got later.  This is great for when you can’t actively play the game, be it for whatever reason.

The Plus is great at catching low level cp Pokémon that you don’t really feel like making the effort to catch anymore but, if you want to level up, you have to catch these little  guys anyway – and a lot of them. It will of course catch other Pokémon as well, but even if it just caught Weedles and Pidgeys, which are the most common Pokémon in my area, I think I would be fine with that. Now I know that levelling up Pokémon and gyming isn’t that important to everyone, but it’s part of the game that I enjoy, so every little bit of experience that I can get I’ll gladly take. And this is probably where that Plus shines its little light the brightest.

There are times when I’m actively playing the game and have the plus connected at the same time, and the plus does seem to pick up Pokémon a lot faster than if you just had the game running. Again, I suspect this is because it seems to scan the area more frequently, making actually hunting Pokémon that you do really want to catch slightly easier.

pokemon go plus example

“Is the plus for you?”

I am a big advocate for the Plus and have really enjoyed using it this past week, but I can admit, that it might not be for everyone.  The R700 was definitely worth it for me because I play the game a lot and am a keen Pokémon hunter. If, however, you are looking for it to completely change the way the game is played, or if you aren’t a particularly avid player of the game, then I think the price tag could be a bit high.

Simply put. the name is on the box. It’s still Pokémon GO, just more of it, more of the time.”

Surprisingly, in the week since Wright’s purchase, the Pokémon GO Plus has disappeared off the Takealot Store, but luckily it is still available at Raru and Loot for those wanting to up their hunting game.