Podium and Bottom Four Deciders as the Dota 2 Masters Leg Wraps Up

The DGL Dota 2  Masters is into its final week, with some teams already finishing up their Leg One runs and securing their places at the upcoming Masters Cup.

In terms of possible relegation through the Wildcard Qualifiers, things have been all but sealed, barring Pulse Gaming not losing to Damage Control in their delayed final match, which has been moved to Thursday, 23 March.

If that should happen, Flipsid3 Tactics SA have an outside chance of getting into the top six in the final moments, should they beat Ventus Gaming in their final match, but it will need some severe upsets in order to happen in the first place, so it really is an outside chance.

The rest of the week sees the final push for some podium finishes, with Aperture Gaming looking to take on xD.Dota 2 in a fight for the third place spot on the podium.

The most anticipated match of the Leg is best saved for last, and sees the underdogs that are xTc Gaming try and conquer the yet-to-be-touched White Rabbit Gaming, who have looked fairly unstoppable for most of the Leg.

Whatever the outcome, teams will be trying hard to get a good a finish as possible, so there will no doubt be some explosive action to end Leg One, with local casters on hand to bring you the action.

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The schedule for the remainder of the week is as follows:

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