PewPew Spectrum Fight Back in BF4 Lower Bracket

Today is an exciting one in the Battlefield 4 DGC, especially for [Pew] PewPew Spectrum, who faced against puLse.eLevate twice in the same day.

The first match between the two teams saw eLevate taking the win in a tense three-match series but their upper bracket run was not to last for long, as they were quickly knocked down by xTc – xTc.Legion, meaning they would have to face the PewPew Spectrum once more in the lower bracket.

If the first match was an intense affair the second can only be described as nail-biting, with both teams fully aware of how much was on the line, as the loser of the match would be out of the BF4 DGC.

Through some amazing determination and hard work, PewPew Spectrum managed to get the better of the eLevate side the second time around, and showed off some exciting local Battlefield talent.

Telkom Gaming caught up with captain of PewPew Spectrum, Dean “iLLuminus_Tte” Stander, to talk about the victory and their top four placing in the Telkom DGL Championships:

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