Pew Pew Battling its Way to the Top in BF4 Premier

Leg One of the Battlefield 4 DGL is going strong, and the Premier Division is beginning to shape up nicely.

As expected by now, old rivals xTc.Legion and Pulse.Evolve are on the podium so far, managing four wins apiece with no losses to their name, but a little bit unexpectedly perhaps is the inclusion of PewPew Battlefield into that top three mix, as the team is currently tied with Pulse.Evolve for first place.

Pew Pew Battlefield has had what can only be called a tumultuous career in the Battlefield DGL, hopping back and forth between the First and Premier Division for most of its life, but generally maintaining a spot fairly high up in the ranking nonetheless.

The new team, re-energised and clearly motivated, has crunched down on all competition so far, and looks like it may be the year Pew Pew gaming finally step to the fore.

Talking to team captain Dean “iLLuminus_Tte”  Stander quickly makes you realise how much it means to them to be on the top end for a change.

” Being within the top three is certainly a great achievement for the team and I couldn’t be prouder of the players. All credit goes to them! A big shout to SvG as well, they play a phenomenal game and I’m sure we will be battling it out in close matches throughout the year.”

Although spirits may be high, t is crunch time for the Pew Pew side as their next two opponents happen to be the other two aforementioned teams on the podium, which will no doubt make for some of the most exciting matches so far this year.

” xTc & Pulse has proven to be a high hurdle to cross,” commented Stander. “I know the guys have worked hard to compete on the same level as the top teams in the country, but with some line-up changes happening for all the top teams, who knows what will happen. I’m fairly confident we have evolved into a community where the top teams have stopped underestimating each other.”

No matter the outcome you will not have to wait long to find out, as Pew Pew Battlefield is set to play xTc.Legion on Sunday evening, so make sure not to miss out on what is sure to be a humdinger of a match.

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