Overwatch’s Omnic Crisis Event is Coming next week

Blizzard has been at it again, releasing some sly hints before unveiling  an all new event for its award-winning FPS, Overwatch, with all reports saying the event is set to kick off on 11 April (thanks VG247).

In some rather interesting news however, it seems that Blizzard will be mixing things up for the upcoming “Omnic Crisis Event”, as it will be the first “in-universe” event, meaning it is not tied to our real world holidays (like Christmas or the Chinese New Year).

We’ve heard the call that a lot of players want a non-real-world-tied event, meaning they want some sort of set event in the Overwatch world,” said Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan to PCGamesN.

He also confirmed there will in fact be a playable element to the omnic crisis, although the details of how it’s going to go down have yet to be revealed.

The event is going to be something,” said Kaplan. “When players see the event and play the event, I think they’ll see that we’ve been listening to their feedback.”

This is the first time Overwatch will be exploring its lore in this way, as it has mainly stuck to other forms of Digital Media like comic strips, short Youtube films and such in order to tell its story. The community has taken to this in a big way, and donned their tin hats to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and create the timeline for the story of Overwatch, and this event will no doubt have them once against abuzz with excitement.

“I think they [fans] want to know more about what’s going on between omnics and humans in this world and how did we get there. I think a lot of that will be answered for them.” added Kaplan as a final tease.

Telkom Gaming will be on hand to bring the news about the Omnic Crisis Event as the details get revealed, so make sure to stay tuned to us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.

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