Overwatch Upcoming Heroes and Theories

Last week we saw somewhat of a new face teased around the Overwatch news with the introduction of Efi Oladele to the ever-growing bounty of Overwatch lore. Since then the developers have been hard at work throwing more clues at us, though thankfully this is not as in-depth or obscure as the Sombra Saga.

So it’s time to dive into everything we know so far, as a reveal could be close.

The image was posted alongside the words “[UPDATE] Genius grant recipient and Numbani local Efi Oladele posts curious image on her holovid channel, declaring:” “Time to get to work!”

The previous interview also revealed that this new face in the Overwatch lore is a genius who loves working with robots and artificial intelligence. She also seems most interested in OR-15 Chassis robots, the same ones that were found smashed up at the Numbani airport, leading some to believe that the new hero will be mech-orientated in some way.  These robots were also seen on the map Numbani on the Overwatch PTR side of things.

Thanks to a YouTuber Caslir, who uploaded all the changes, we can also tell that the Doomfist gauntlet has been stolen, as its payload carrying case is smashed and empty.

This also draws us back to the latest tease in the image Efi Oladele posted, which has a drawing of a Fusion Driver to power some of her work, of course. The reactor Efi is after is similar to the one Zarya uses in her weapon.

Secondly, she also has an extremely interesting part crossed off her list, the Axiom Vocal Processor, which is the same robot that we have seen all over Numbani as well.

So where does this all point to?

To be honest the biggest pointers come from the man himself, Jeff Kaplan as he has spoken about multiple aspects of upcoming heroes in his talk at the D.I.C.E Summit.

He goes on to mention that “and I need to say this for our subreddit, so it doesn’t implode. Know that the hero in the center [spidertank] is not the hero you think it is” Which can be taken with a grain of salt because we all think differently. I, for one, think the next hero for Overwatch will be Athena, while others speculate that this spider tank is a creation of our Numbani celebrity Efi.

This does, however, mean that while we all would love to see Terry Crews be the voice behind Doomfist, it’s probably not going to a thing anytime soon. Who knows, they might even trick us all and release two characters at the same time.

Polygon also noted that “After publication, Jeff Kaplan clarified his comments about the game’s new hero. Efi will play a part of the next playable character’s story, he told us, but said that character has not been confirmed.”


I will still stick to my Athena theory, as it has continued to eat away at my conscience ever since she was hacked in the Overwatch Animation Recall. The suspected look of Athena has also appeared recently in another twitch highlight. In the image above we can see a number of Overwatch Characters, but Athena still stands out to me as the only one we don’t know about.

Conclusion: Rumours are floating around saying that later today (28 February) there will be a more detailed hint thrown at us. Without more details we will just have to conclude that Blizzard plans to surprise us all once again.

This image just shows us how much work has actually been put into the game. Every figure you see in this artwork has the potential (and history) to become a character in the game, awesome isn’t it?

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